Pipe Tools & Supplies: Paragon Wax 1oz

Product Number: 001-545-0326

A special blend of microcrystalline and natural waxes, Paragon Wax is designed for use on smooth pipes and pipe stems, as well as gold, silver, bone, and other smooth materials.

With a melting point 35% higher than carnuba, and 30% harder, it's quite thick at room temperature, and should be applied with a soft cloth in small quantities, followed by a lint-free cloth to bring out a brilliant shine.

It can be used on any smooth surface, including marble, steel, silver, meerschaum, or glass, but because of its unusual hardness, it is not recommended for use on leather or other textured materials, including sandblasted or rusticated pipes. For these, Halcyon II is recommended.

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Remains to be seen
February 08, 2018
Product: Pipe Tools & Supplies Paragon Wax 1oz
My first impressions were good enough,now it remains to be seen how long the achieved shine will last,though I have a reason to believe to get the most out of this product it might advisable to have a wheel buffer,,nonetheless this seems be way more ... Read More