Pipe Tools & Supplies: 8deco 9mm to 3mm Adapter (2-Pack)

Product Number: 001-545-0350

Not a fan of filters? These simple adapters reduce a 9mm filter-chamber to a standard 3mm diameter drafthole. Comes with two adapters to, as the adage goes, kill two pipes with one pack.

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The Only 9mm Adapter Worth Buying
September 03, 2019
Product: Pipe Tools & Supplies 8deco 9mm to 3mm Adapter (2-Pack)
You can find several other 9mm adapters but they are little more than a small plastic plug that rattles around in the pipe. These are snug, and the size of a 9mm charcoal filter. I don’t smoke pipes with filters but after receiving and getting good d... Read More
September 06, 2018
Product: Pipe Tools & Supplies 8deco 9mm to 3mm Adapter (2-Pack)
Used one in my Vauen Fuji and another in a pipe an ex bought me 6 years ago that had a smaller adapter that just had been rattling around not really fitting. I have used the Fuji with the adapter smoked like a champ. Have not use the other pipe yet,... Read More