Pipe Tools & Supplies: Carved Spiral Sterling Silver Pipe Tamper

Product Number: 001-545-0061

Rustic, functional, hand-wrought designs rendered in elegant sterling silver, these pipe tampers make for a novel combination - and of course a fine accessory for any pipe man. While most pipe tampers, and especially those made from precious metals, are cast, these pieces are each individually hammered and polished from sterling silver stock, creating a degree of individual variation even amongst any two of the same design. The most complex of the three, in size the Spiral falls between the "Kayak" and the "Canoe", though its most obvious variation is, of course, that it has been wrought into a charming twist design. approx. 3 1/2"
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Worth displaying....
August 14, 2012
Product: Pipe Tools & Supplies Carved Spiral Sterling Silver Pipe Tamper
An outstanding blend of form and function, this tamper deserves a place next to an exceptionally nice rack of pipes!