Tampers & Tools: 8deco Kokka Tamper

Product Number: 001-545-0571

Light, simple, accessibly priced, functional, and offering an artful look as well, 8deco tampers are a bargain. Like many of 8deco's tampers, the foot features a ventilated design, allowing you to effectively puff and tamp at the same time. This particular example was fashioned from kokka, a highly quality wood that dates back to ancient times.

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4.63 out of 5 stars
For the price?
June 11, 2024
Product: Tampers & Tools 8deco Kokka Tamper
An excellent deal. Works far better than a Czech tool's tamp piece if you don't mind losing the spoon and poker. I feel like the cupped curvature really allows me to get an ideal pressure along the side of the bowl without pressing too much in the ... Read More
Nice Price
September 13, 2021
Product: Tampers & Tools 8deco Kokka Tamper
A good tamper for the price. A bit light in the hand, but a bit better than a Czech tool IMO.
Good finish useful and cheap.
November 14, 2020
Product: Tampers & Tools 8deco Kokka Tamper
Won’t change a thing. Very useful for standard size smoking pipes. Won’t fit a churchwarden kind of pipes.
Excellent tamper!
October 13, 2020
Product: Tampers & Tools 8deco Kokka Tamper
Nice size, useful shape, quality fit and finish, the metal part is a better idea with its concave shape, serrations and perforations. Wouldn’t change a thing.