Tampers & Tools: Vauen Pipe Tamper

Product Number: 001-545-0043

From Vauen; a German marque that boasts well over 150 years in the pipe business, a tamper that features both wonderfully clean, minimalist lines, as well as a tamper that descends with pen-style "click." With a length of roughly 3 1/2" long, and containing a delightfully integrated pick, this is an eye-catching and versatile tamper.

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4.93 out of 5 stars
German engineering at its best
January 21, 2023
Product: Tampers & Tools Vauen Pipe Tamper
The minimalist Rolls Royce of pipe tools. Substantial and very well made, but without external adornment--just gleaming chromium steel. The photograph here on the webpage isn't quite right though. For one thing, when the tamper is retracted, the t... Read More
Best Tamper Ever
June 09, 2021
Product: Tampers & Tools Vauen Pipe Tamper
The button mechanism to extend the tamper is perfect for ADD personalities, and when retracted both the Tamper and the Pick are snugly stowed away from your pocket linings, keeping your clothes clean. Brilliantly engineered and constructed.
Tops the rest
December 08, 2018
Product: Tampers & Tools Vauen Pipe Tamper
Of all the tampers I’ve bought, this one tops the rest. You press the top, and the tamper pops out. I also like to fidget with it when I’m bored . The picture above looks basic, but this tamper looks 100 times better In person. It’s worth the buy! I ... Read More
September 10, 2016
Product: Tampers & Tools Vauen Pipe Tamper
Needed a new tamper for my pipe bag. Didn't know what to expect with this tamper, despite all the great reviews. Took a second to figure out but wow.. still not sure how the mechanism works, but it WORKS... Id recommend it to anyone who needs another... Read More
Must have accessory
August 10, 2015
Product: Tampers & Tools Vauen Pipe Tamper
Well engineered tamper. Love the sharp edges on the top and bottom of the tamper. Very useful for light reaming and quick cleanup of the bowl. The built in pick is useful. Glad to have this excellent tool as part of my smoking kit.
January 30, 2015
Product: Tampers & Tools Vauen Pipe Tamper
I suspected a true pen mechanism advance with a limited lifespan, but this is a much better gravity drop tamper that projects half the stored height and is very securely held. Push the black tip again when it's held upside down, and the tamper slides... Read More
Favorite tamper ever!
January 18, 2015
Product: Tampers & Tools Vauen Pipe Tamper
I use none stop. I love it