Tampers & Tools: Viktor Yashtylov Time Is Endless Brass Tamper

Product Number: 001-545-0051

This is, honestly, the most impressive tamper I've yet seen. As far as materials go, it is in fact a real, and very solid brass casting, with a nice, reassuring heft to it. The screw-out tool, an affair with a triangular cross-section which allows it to work as a dottle pick, bowl-scraper, and even a ridged file for especially stubborn cake, is no different - solid brass through and through. The only bit on this whole piece that isn't brass is the insert the tool threads into, which only serves to make things more convenient, as brass-on-brass threading does tend to bind up easily. As for the casting details, they are simply excellent - every tooth of the myriad of gears making up its clockwork relief can be seen quite clearly, and there's even a face gear motif decorating the base of the tool's threading, matching that at the end of the tamper itself (now that's attention to detail in design).
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Looks great
January 19, 2024
Product: Tampers & Tools Viktor Yashtylov Time Is Endless Brass Tamper
So, the one you get won't look spot on with the one in the photo above. There is variance in the colors (blacks and bronze etc) and what have you. The design is the same though. It is very beautiful to say the least. I guess the only complaint is the... Read More
Get it while you can!
March 19, 2020
Product: Tampers & Tools Viktor Yashtylov Time Is Endless Brass Tamper
I’ve had one of the for years, long before Viktor was known for his work. It was a present from my wife, I thought I’d lost it in the yard and gave up looking only to find that the production run had been sold out. Now that they are back I’d advise... Read More