Replacement Stems: Acrylic Churchwarden Stem (for Nording)

Product Number: 001-874-0005

Fashioned from jet-black acrylic and bearing Nording's white "N" trademark emblem, this stem offers an opportunity to replace worn or damaged stems for your favorite pipes at an affordable price. Offered in a variety of styles, each mouthpiece is fashioned by Nording to perfectly fit their pipes, providing a worry-free stem replacement option. This design displays a long, willowy Churchwarden-length profile, and can readily convert your favorite Nording pipe to a Churchwarden.

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1.75 out of 5 stars
Not Even Close
September 15, 2023
Product: Replacement Stems Acrylic Churchwarden Stem (for Nording)
While the stem is well made with a nice polished finish and good draw, as another reviewer stated, it doesn't fit. If I were to force the stem into the pipe, it would certainly crack the shank. However, this may be intentional, with the idea that the... Read More
Didn't fit
October 27, 2021
Product: Replacement Stems Acrylic Churchwarden Stem (for Nording)
Nice solid stem. But it just didn't fit the Nording that I got here on an Estate sale.