Gifts: Ebauchon Briar Pipe Kit Ebonite Stem-Straight

Product Number: 001-507-0066

For those who love pipes and want to take a more hands-on approach, our briar pipe kits are the perfect way to get your feet wet in the world of pipe making*. Featuring an ebauchon briar block and a straight, vulcanite stem, this pre-drilled piece will allow you to make your own pipe with some simple tools. Many a great carver has started with simple experimentation, and with its drilling and stem already finished, this kit is primed for you to start your pipe-making adventure. Who knows what beautiful grain and intriguing shape lie within?

*Do not make pipes with wet feet. You could slip and fall.

Note: These kits are not photographed individually, so the briar block you receive will have some noticeable differences compared to the one pictured here.

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A Rewarding Project
May 19, 2019
Product: Gifts Ebauchon Briar Pipe Kit Ebonite Stem-Straight
If you smoke a pipe you really should try making one. It’s a really rewarding project that can be smoked when you’re done! I do not have a wood shop at my house and made my pipe using files, a belt sander and a wood carving knife set. At 25$ it’s fan... Read More