Tobacco Jars: Scott Tinker Contrast Blast Briar Flake Tobacco Plate

Product Number: 001-183-0022

A professional opera vocalist, avid pipe smoker, and seasoned woodworker, Scott Tinker approaches all aspects of his life with a prioritization of quality and aesthetics. He's renowned for his handcrafted pipe-smoking accessories — from pipe stands and tobacco plates to tampers and tools — and he specializes in exotic materials and hardwoods, often utilizing hand tools for greater control and intentionality. This tobacco plate is rendered from briar burl and has been treated with a crisp, contrast-stained sandblast that reveals a wealth of handsome grain. Designed for everyday use, this plate is sure to make a handsome base for rubbing out tobaccos of your choice, its looks doing well to complement the sandblasted pipes in any collection.

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