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Best Pipes Under $100

When it's time to add a new pipe to your rotation, it can be time-consuming to sort through all the thousands of pipes in every conceivable price range, so we've compiled a page of the 100 best pipes under $100 here at Continuously updated with fresh arrivals, this page always shows you 100 of our favorite pipes from trusted and reputable manufacturers like Savinelli, Peterson, Brigham, Ropp, Vauen, and others who make affordable pipes that don't skimp on smoking quality.

A pipe doesn't have to cost a lot to perform brilliantly, so when shopping for reasonably priced, well-respected, high-performance examples, your best resource is right here. Every pipe listed is $100 or less, sometimes much less, and you can refine your search using the filters along the left to find your favorite materials, finishes, shapes, and dimensions, with each result at a price that won't interfere with everything else claiming chunks of your budget. Pipe smoking is a relaxing pastime, made even more relaxing with a resource that provides affordable options.

Mountaineer (322) (Rock Maple Inserts)

$113.21 $90.57

Mountaineer (303) (Rock Maple Inserts)

$113.21 $90.57