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  • Nicaragua
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  • Cameroon
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  • Cameroon
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  • Nicaragua
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  • Nicaragua
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  • Box
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  • Handmade
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  • 3"-5"
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  • 7"-9"
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  • 45-50
  • 50-55
  • 60+

AJ Fernandez Cigars began in San Luis, Cuba with Andres Fernandez before falling to his son, Ismael, and now residing in the hands of grandson AJ Fernandez — hands that have been richly steeped in a tradition of cigar making as the result of a three-generation legacy. Though now based out of Estelí, Nicaragua, the marque still retains its Cuban heritage through the techniques and skills inherited from a decades-old family business that is still overseen by AJ on a daily basis. The result is premium cigars made from superior tobaccos that are grown from quality seeds of which the Fernandez family is sole proprietor. With a variety of brands (Bellas Artes, Dias de Gloria, Enclave, Free World, Last Call, New World, San Lotano, and La Gran Llave), AJ Fernandez Cigars boasts a wide array of offerings that are sure to appeal to the discerning smoker.

AJ Fernandez
New World Cameroon Churchill

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Reg. $7.30 $6.21

AJ Fernandez
New World Cameroon Gordo

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Reg. $8.00 $6.80

AJ Fernandez
New World Cameroon Short Robusto

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Reg. $5.90 $5.01

AJ Fernandez
New World Cameroon Toro

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Reg. $6.80 $5.78

AJ Fernandez
New World Cameroon Torpedo

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Reg. $7.50 $6.38