Meet The Team

You're probably here because you want to know a little more about us. Well, here you go! We're here to serve your pipe, pipe tobacco and cigar needs, so here's who's providing that service. We're proud to have a sophisticated, professional and knowledgeable staff and we're here to help you in any way that we can (well, with things tobacco related, at least; our quantum physics skills are frequently found wanting and our plumbing skills are nonexistent).

Here you'll find a list of everyone who works for and what we all do here. Poke around and get to know us a little bit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at (888) 366 0345 or email us.


Sykes WilfordChief Executive Officer

Sykes founded in 2000, while completing his undergraduate degree in history at Vanderbilt University. Some might today assume, like Athena was said to have sprung whole from the head of Zeus, that Sykes sprang wholly prepared upon the world of pipes. The truth, however, is that he didn't have any idea what he was getting into. Mostly. He had not then ever written a line of code, and he had no inkling as to how to run a business, even one that was just two guys and a small rented warehouse space in Tennessee. What he did have from his part-time job at a local tobacco shop was an inkling of the sort that in hindsight others would call insight: technology, particularly the World Wide Web, could revolutionize pipe and tobacco retail just as it was transforming so many other industries. Of equal importance was Sykes's growing interest in pipes as works of functional art that deserved critical discussion. This interest was good enough to get things started; the knowledge needed to run a successful business would develop over time as it does for most of us in our 20s: by doing with enthusiasm. So it was with enthusiasm and two convictions--that the pipe business needed technology and that pipes were serious and beautiful things--that Sykes laid the foundation for what would eventually become. This trinity still largely defines his role in the company today where his primary responsibilities include overseeing finances, operations, and software development, as well as vendor relationships and sales, all things that he has learned a little about in the ensuing years. But even as time has carried on and the company has grown, Sykes is still never more passionate than when working directly with, or teaching others about, pipes.

Lisa MogelChief Financial Officer

If one were to idly wander through the Smokingpipes offices, your first impression of Lisa might simply be that of a quiet, diminutive, friendly lady sitting behind a contrastingly large desk. The reality is that she sits behind that large desk because she is the rock of Smokingpipes - while Sykes is brainstorming with Shane or Josh, or trotting off overseas to meet with pipemakers and work out some crazy deal, Lisa's the one making sure we have things like electricity, shelter, fresh coffee beans by the sack-full, and paychecks.

Originally from Reading, PA, Lisa relocated to South Carolina on account of her love of the beach, and ascended to her current senior position (rather literally) from being manager of our first-floor brick & mortar pipe and cigar shop, Low Country Pipe and Cigar.

Aside from her official duties as the Smokingpipes matriarch, Lisa also serves as our resident expert on all matter Disney-related, as evidenced by the hefty dream-vacation itinerary she provided Adam with when he took his wife to Disneyworld. (And which turned out, by all accounts indeed, to be a rousing success.)

Joshua BurgessVice President, Manufacturing

Born in Arley, Alabama (roll tide), Joshua came to South Carolina in 2005 to start graduate school. He taught for seven years while he earned his PhD in early American history. While writing lectures and a dissertation which focused on the religious and cultural history of colonial America, Joshua found pipes to be his constant companions. What free time he had he spent reading about pipes and tobacco. He came to us having taught on a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of South Carolina, and with a background in wine sales. His interests include food and wine, cooking, reading and writing history, and a secret love of Victorian ghost stories, which are to be read by the light of an oil lamp and accompanied by a pipe, naturally.

Shane IrelandVice President, Retail

Shane and his wife, Lisette, plus their Beagle, Bubba (who is a good boy), relocated from San Diego, California, to South Carolina to join us at It was when we asked about his hobbies and he responded, "whiskey, tobacco, writing, moving across the country, and listing my hobbies," that we knew we would all get along just fine. Shane makes particular use of his immense knowledge of pipes and pipe culture as Vice President of Retail, overseeing all of our retail operations in the United States, Ireland, China, and Japan. Liaising with pipe makers around the world while spending roughly half the year on the road, Shane plays several instruments adequately, but maybe none masterfully, and loves the music of David Bowie, Ornette Coleman, and Rachmaninoff. His favorite foods include albacore, espresso, Laphroaig of any variety, McConnell's Scottish Flake, watermelon, rye (both marbled, and distilled), and soft-boiled quail eggs. But especially clam chowder. He proudly supports Chelsea Football Club, and Boba Fett is, hands down, his favorite bounty hunter.


Tracy BerryVice President, Accounting & Regulatory Affairs

Tracy and her husband Dave set out together to Myrtle Beach when they were both just nineteen and have made a pretty good run of it down here. Dave has owned and operated an income tax and accounting practice since 1994, which Tracy helps out with part-time. (She even ran her own mortgage broker firm from 2003 to 2009.) Her considerable experience in purchasing, accounting, and inventory control has quickly proven valuable here at Laudisi as our Vice President of Accounting and Regulatory Affairs and she oversees our Accounting department. Tracy's passion for her work is evident; she's always eager to volunteer with new projects, and encourages Laudisi-spirit through every meeting and event. When they aren't busy with, well, business, Tracy and her husband enjoy getting out and back to nature, camping and hiking with their three children.

Chris MertzAccounting Manager

Originally from the small town of Boonsboro, Maryland, Chris joined Laudisi in the fall of 2021 as one of our Accountants and is now our Accounting Manager. Organized and numbers-oriented, he maintains a relaxed and laid-back demeanor, all making him perfectly fit for his role. As a Maryland native, he's an avid supporter of the Baltimore Ravens, and aside from watching football, Chris enjoys golfing, playing video games, and watching South Park, Star Wars films, and Marvel movie adaptations. He's also especially fond of his dog, Shelby — a Coonhound, Lab, and Boxer mix — and one day, he hopes to eventually visit every U.S. state and each World Wonder.

Cathy McLainSenior Accountant

A native of Maryland, Cathy moved to the beach in 1986 for a nice change of scenery, and she's been here ever since. After being involved in banking for a number of years, she now works at Laudisi as our Senior Accountant, where she puts her initiative and organizational skills to work daily, supporting all the day-to-day goings-on at the company. From balancing books and answering phones to assisting with large orders and running company errands, Cathy has a part in all our operations. Needless to say, she's the wind beneath our wings. In her spare time, Cathy enjoys working on projects around the house, gardening, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

Karen NormanAccountant

Karen’s expansive accounting skills, spanning over 20 years, have equipped her for helpful and meaningful work on our Accounting team. Originally from Houston, Texas, she has a son named Colby and two fur babies, a dog named Mia and a cat named China. She moved to the Grand Strand without knowing anyone local after living in Atlanta, Georgia, for 20 years, with the dream and ambition to live by the beach, which she has now achieved. She is a LeTourneau University graduate with a degree in Accounting. Her sales-tax knowledge and Excel expertise have prepared her well for her role at Laudisi. She recognizes the value of never giving up, which has carried her through her education, career, and all that life has thrown her way.

She describes herself as Christian, funny, and quiet. When she isn’t working, Karen loves anything to do with animals, including grooming dogs, and has a passion for animal shelters. Her dedication to animals runs deep; when she was a child, she thought she would be a veterinarian. She enjoys going to the beach, especially during the off-season when there are few tourists, and she cannot live without Diet Coke. She believes life is best lived with honesty, alongside friends and family whom she loves to visit in Houston back home. She admires her mother most in the world for her support.

Lisette FloresBookkeeper

Originally from San Diego, Lisette relocated to Conway, SC, when Shane Ireland, her husband, came to Smokingpipes. In summer 2019, Lisette also joined the team, putting her finance experience to use as our Bookkeeper. Calm, cool, and collected, Lisette (not "Liz," not "Lizzy," not "Sette," just Lisette) has a fondness for food, books, movies, and music, with particular love for Hip Hop and Motown. With an eclectic taste in literature, she enjoys reading everything from Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, to The Diary of Anne Frank and To Kill a Mockingbird, to countless graphic novels, and her movie preferences reveal a similar diversity: The Godfather, The Breakfast Club, documentaries, and anything Disney. Lisette hopes one day to plan a trip that incorporates visiting Japan, hugging a panda, meeting an elephant, swimming with marine life, and finishing a jigsaw puzzle, but until then, she's content with feeding Shane and cuddling their beagle, Bubba.

Jennifer SteelBookkeeper

Jennifer is originally from Md., now living in N.C. with her 45-lb ball of energy named Leia, who is her spirit animal. Her family is mostly spread out over the west and north. She came to Laudisi looking for a more cohesive team and support staff as well as something closer to home. With 20 years of experience in the accounting industry and an educational background of Criminology and Psychology from Montgomery Community College, she hopes to learn and grow in this position. She is passionate about animal rescue (Adopt Don’t Shop!) because animal shelters and rescues are overloaded everywhere, as well as keeping our oceans clean. She has been involved with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that works to build homes, community, and hope for those in need. Describing herself as a loyal, empathetic, and independent person, Jennifer lives by the golden rule of doing unto others as you would do unto yourself.

A fun fact about Jennifer is that she hates to fly, but ironically, she’s gone skydiving before. She’s a huge fan of football, and supports the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Washington Commanders. As a Gen Xer, she also loves anything from the ’80s. When she isn’t working, she enjoys going on adventures with Leia, going to the beach, and especially gardening — a passion that has cultivated since she moved to North Carolina and bought her first house, where she’s eager to have a place of her own to dig and get dirty. For travel, she loves to go to anywhere there’s a beach, particularly enjoying San Diego when she went, and, if she ever wants a crowd, Chicago is where it’s at. One idea that’s shaped her as a person is to always be mindful of what we leave behind; our legacy will live on long after we're gone.

Guy DeVarneyInventory Librarian

Hailing from Vermont originally, Guy DeVarney moved to South Carolina in 2020 and joined us a year later as our Inventory Librarian. Witty and creative, Guy brings an infectious spirit to Laudisi, whether he's making up hilarious rhyming songs to entertain co-workers or telling stories of his cats — who are all named for Peanuts characters. At home, he's a fan of baking, cooking, and gardening and also enjoys playing the ukulele and bird watching — the latter past time no doubt one shared by his cats. Science Fiction books dominate his library, and he's something of a writer himself, hoping one day to visit Europe and appreciate its history and literary legacy.


Julie CipponDirector, Human Resources & Facilities

Originally from New Jersey, Julie moved to South Carolina to study at Coastal Carolina University before joining our team in 2018. In the office, she's the Director of Human Resources & Facilities, overseeing our Administration department. In this position, she is involved in hiring and on-boarding new employees, regular check-ins, project planning, change initiatives, and much more. In short, Julie is essential in keeping the Laudisi ship afloat, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently by creating an ideal work environment for all departments.

Melissa HaynesHuman Resources Generalist

Melissa hails from Roanoke, Virginia, and relocated to South Carolina in 2022 to realize her childhood dream of living near the beach. Happily married to her husband Mark with whom she shares an adult son, a lovely granddaughter, and two spoiled dogs named Oscar and Mac, Melissa is a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, an ’80s music enthusiast, and is happiest spending time with her husband and family, making lasting memories, and basking in the sun at one of our many beautiful beaches. An intrepid soul, Melissa prioritizes aggressive goal-setting and careful organization in pursuit of continued personal and professional growth. Melissa is loyal, passionate, and dedicated to those around her — traits that make her a perfect fit here at Laudisi.

Meredith GrandstaffAdministrative Specialist

Outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, and amateur seashell hunter extraordinaire — Meredith (or Mere as she is often called) feels most at home while in nature. It’s a perspective that has cultivated her deep passion for marine and wildlife conservation, with a particular interest in saving sea turtles. Inspired by her mother, who instilled self-confidence, kindness, and honesty in her daughter, Mere channels those values into her own family and strives everyday to create a better life for those she loves. She treasures time spent with her husband of over three decades and her two children (now grown), as well as her impressive stable of pets which includes a dog, a spoiled cat, an 18-year-old turtle, and a Gecko named Gregg. When not enjoying the outdoors or spending time with her family, Mere enjoys perusing local yard sales and refurbishing the old furniture that she reclaims.

Monika WisorAssistant to the CEO

Originally from Wilson, N.Y., Monika moved to N.C. in 2021 to be near the beach, have more sunshine, and live in a milder climate than she experienced while living on the shore of Lake Ontario in Western N.Y.. She and her husband Michael have four kids: Brooke, Jacob, Johanna, and Charli, and her other kids (pets) are Seven, who is a Rottweiler, and Ozlo, a mutt rescue. She joined Laudisi in search of fulfilling a desire to utilize her diverse skill set in a different line of work. With a plethora of soft and hard skills that have readied her for this role, she is motivated to work for a company that is passionate about a mission to build something great and one that is dedicated to the employees who support that mission. She has earned multiple degrees, which she attained from the Art/Fashion Institute of Fort Lauderdale (Applied Science in Retail Management and Marketing), Niagara University (Bachelor of Arts in Education), and Buffalo State University (Masters in Education). She even earned her Real Estate license just because of her curiosity about the whole process.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys camping, hanging out with family and friends, loves to travel to Europe to visit her mom’s side of the family in Germany and Austria, and is happiest while reading, going to the beach with her kids, and thrifting at local shops. Some of her favorites include the Buffalo Bills, any book by Jane Austen, Historical Dramas (Fun Fact: She’s a descendant of someone who fought in the American Revolution), and any kind of music, from ’50s oldies to modern rap and country. Describing herself as loyal, dedicated, and personable, Monika lives by the value of honesty. When conquering an obstacle or working toward a goal, she focuses on her end goal and talks herself through her fears of what might be holding her back, and reorients her thinking to be positive that she can achieve a goal; this mindset is only one aspect of the breadth of skills she brings to Laudisi.

April LewisHousekeeper

Eagle-eyed amateur photographer, intrepid urban explorer, gifted baker of delicious treats, spirited holiday planner, and astute vintage book collector: these are just some of the titles that describe April, or “Mom” as she’s often lovingly called. A well-rounded and creative soul, April has an affinity for horror films as well as hard rock and heavy metal music. Originally from New York, April has lived in Conway, South Carolina since 1999, where she homeschools her kids and stays perpetually busy (as if her list of hobbies doesn’t give that away). When not running a hundred miles an hour, April loves being with her family and enjoying the peaceful reflection that comes from exploring quiet country roads, her trusty camera always in tow.

Scott GregoryMaintenance Specialist

Scott is a multi-talented and industrious individual who is as adept under the hood of a disabled vehicle as he is at wiring a control panel or building furniture. He just knows how to fix things and, as it turns out, his considerable skills are in high demand both at work and in his personal life. In his precious free time, Scott loves country music, working on old cars, and spending time with his wife. The embodiment of our core value of “creativity,” Scott is a natural problem-solver and prototypical out-of-the-box thinker. In his own words, Scott sums up his personal philosophy as follows: “Life is hard so it’s best to just get through it so you can have some fun!”

Tom StanleyMaintenance Technician

In August 2023, Tom moved with his wife, Suzanne, to Conway, S.C. from Fredericksburg, Va.. He has six adult children — five sons and one daughter — and has been blessed with seven grandchildren. He arrived at Laudisi in search of a great place to work with quick growth and a dedication to treating its employees well. His 20 years of experience in building maintenance should serve him well in this role. Describing himself as funny, honest, and loyal, Tom lives by the value of honesty and strives to stay true to it, even when it proves difficult. He is passionate about history, reading about it while visiting different historical places, and believes in the power of learning new things in order to reach goals, no matter what those might be.

When Tom isn’t working, he enjoys all types of sports and visiting different stadiums. He also enjoys collecting sports cards and memorabilia, cooking, and listening to rock music. He loves to travel and attend sporting events and wants to see a new state he hasn’t visited yet next in his travels. He has a desire to see all 50 states in the near future. He is happiest while spending time with family and friends, going out, or simply hanging out at home. His personal hero is his dad, who he admires for the ways he took care of his family through good and bad times; so many people love and care about him, and the man is still going strong at 91 years old.


Greg MarinesSenior Developer

Greg has lived in the Myrtle Beach area since 1988—certainly long enough to be considered a native. With over 20 years of web development and programming experience, Greg's responsible for maintaining all six of our websites (woah!), as well as troubleshooting and developing the kind of real-time software solutions that makes our work possible. From mending code to adding new bits to existing software, Greg works closely with all of our divisions and departments, acting as both the client and the user to provide fixes that best fit everybody's needs. When Greg's not pulling all-nighters in front of his computer he helps his wife Cheryl with her beach wedding business.

John SutherlandDeveloper

Originally from Mississippi, John found his way to South Carolina by way of his education—first receiving a bachelors in Fine Art/Photography from Delta State and then his masters at Clemson. John started out in our Marketing department, where he managed many responsibilities in photography and creative direction, but his love for programming (and occasionally breaking the site) just kept tugging at him. Currently, John is our Developer and spends his time doing everything from spicing things up with jQuery to building database tools for other departments, to pretty much anything in between. John is a movie buff, a cat person, and a mediocre juggler. He also loves the taste of burnt cheese.

Mike FlaniganSystems Administrator

Originally from Langhorne, PA, Mike moved to Myrtle Beach to be closer to his parents. He was an Operations Specialist in the Navy, working with Tactical Data Systems and as a Tactical Air Controller. Having been deployed a number of times to the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea, South America, and Baltic Sea, the wealth of knowledge gained from his experience and education in systems and network administration made him a natural fit for our Systems Administrator position. Mike currently handles everything from fixing printers and PCs to maintaining "network administration stuff" (only Mike knows what that is). When he isn't on the job, Mike spends his time at the beach, playing video games, or with his family and parents.

Andrew RobisonProject Manager

After growing up in the dry, desert scrubland of San Diego, CA, Andrew desired a change of environment and a more relaxed lifestyle than the typical Californian rush. Lucky for us that change led Andrew here to Laudisi where he has held several important roles and currently serves with our Technology team as our Project Manager. When he's not at work you'll likely find him at the beach enjoying the warmer water of the Atlantic or indulging his interests in cheesy comedy films, spy thriller novels, world cultures, and WWII military aircraft.

Mark TurchonIT Support Specialist

Mark Turchon hails from Northeast Ohio and came to us in 2021 after moving to Myrtle Beach with his wife, two boys, and rescue dogs Duke and Laney. He enjoys spending time with his family, photography, and watching sports, remaining a loyal fan to the Cleveland Browns even after relocation. As an IT Support Specialist, he keeps the technology wheels turning at Laudisi, while in his off time will likely be found enjoying 90's alternative rock or attending the latest Marvel movie with his family. He has already tried skydiving and mountain climbing, even reaching the summit of Pike's Peak, but still has more adventures in mind such as trips to Ireland and Japan.

Joseph LongJr. Developer

Originally from Virginia and joining us in January 2023, Joey served as our IT Support Specialist, assisting our Systems Administrator in ensuring that all technologies — computers, printers, internet connection — were running as they should. Now he serves as our Junior Developer. He's the perfect fit for the job, as one who enjoys problem-solving and fixing messes, and his dependable nature, driven mindset, and jovial attitude make him a pleasure to work with. Plus, he's easy-going, naturally curious, and just plain happy to be around — always finding a way to connect with anyone he meets. When not fixing IT mishaps, Joey enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and their two dogs.

Spencer RutlandIT Helpdesk Technician

Residing in Socastee, Spencer describes himself as a big time momma’s boy, especially when his mother comes from NC to visit. He has two dogs: Penny, a Japanese Chen, and Layla, a Mini Schnauzer. Spencer came to Laudisi with a desire for a career change, shifting away from the world of retail. His likable personality, can-do attitude, positive outlook, and solid dependability prepared him to do great work a Team Lead in the Shipping department before moving to our IT team, currently working as our IT Support Specialist. A Horry-Georgetown Technical College alum, he studied Programming and IT. Outside of work, Spencer enjoys playing video games, reading, getting new tattoos, and listening to music, particularly from the Texas and Florida rap scenes and including the music of his personal hero, Lil Peep; his mentality that if you work hard enough, anything is possible, has influenced Spencer in his own life. Two fun facts about Spencer are that he is an adopted only child and that he was a certified scuba diver in high school. Laid-back, pleasant to be around, and friendly, he is passionate about prison reform in the United States, staying fit, and the spark of creativity he unlocks when reading literature and listening to music that inspires him. He believes that labels are for jars, not people, and stays determined to reach goals, one step at a time.


Andrew WikeVice President, Marketing

Originally from the foothills of North Carolina, Andy grew up on a tobacco farm where he watched his great grandfather prime and cure Virginias as a boy. Naturally, he soon developed a love for pipes and pipe tobacco. After taking up the hobby full-time during his undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill, Andy searched for a way to consolidate his love for pipes and his interests in Marketing. Luckily his search led him across state lines to join us here at Laudisi.

As our Marketing Director, Andy's known for wearing many hats, and also for juggling a variety of responsibilities. In addition to writing newsletters and blogs, he's also responsible for coding up our emails and blogs, as well as researching, testing, and implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies across a variety of platforms. Andy loves Spanish food, and since his return from Spain in 2012, has been tirelessly searching for jamón ibérico. When he’s not writing or coding, he enjoys gardening, tea sipping, coffee gulping, traveling, learning new languages, and watching his beard grow.

Chuck StanionSenior Writer, Editor

Chuck spent years controlling all weather for the Northern hemisphere before realizing that his efforts were imperfect and were generating complaints, so he moved on to a writing career. Words are almost as difficult to control as the weather, so it seemed an appropriate lateral move. He spent the next 20 years as Editor of Pipes and tobaccos magazine, honing his skills and becoming moderately knowledgeable about pipes, refining his expertise until becoming entirely unemployable and incapable of conversing about any other topic. He left P&T for convoluted reasons only he understands (he showed up here saying, "I want job. Gimme job."). Despite his apparent inability to communicate in person with other humans, his concise summary of his needs charmed us into giving him a chance.

Chuck collects pipes, pipe tampers, and locks of hair from ventriloquist dummies, which he displays in his office (his walls are entirely composed of doll hair. No one else goes in there). His only other hobby is singing show tunes while gargling Diet Pepsi, a skill that he demonstrates at far too many meetings.

Responsible for most of the editing and a big portion of the writing at Smokingpipes, Chuck is the person to contact when you see mistakes or anything that just isn't good. He seems to thrive on failure, so do call him with complaints anytime, day or night. Be sure to mention that his writing skills are equal to his weather control. He loves that.

Phillip KislingWriter, Editor

Phillip Kisling is the product of a monkey at a typewriter experiment. Found in the foothills of Pikeville at a young age, Phill was relocated to Louisville to socialize with humans and monkeys alike. When they turned of age, they attended the University of Kentucky where they received a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Strategic Communication with a minor in Technical Writing and Rhetoric studies and a certification in Wine, Brewing, and Distillation Science. After graduation, they went off to earn a buck or two as humans do. They found work as a copywriter for a variety of companies and marketing agencies before being hired to write words that make you think maybe you do need to buy a new pipe and pound of tobacco today.

Outside of working hours, you can find Phill in their cave doing creative work like graphic design and photography, expanding their culinary skills, running from their demons and lifting heavy things. Their biggest influences in their creative work are Maynard James Keenan, Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, and our very own Chuck Stanion. Phill has held a number of titles over the years including DJ Colonel Kisling, FUNcle P. Hill, and favorite son out of three sisters. They live by the saying “Fortune favors the bold.”

Kayla IvanAssociate Writer, Editor

Originally from New Jersey, Kayla moved to South Carolina, from Rhode Island, in search of warmer weather and new adventures in the south. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing with minors in Professional & Public Writing and Psychology at Roger Williams University, graduating Summa Cum Laude a semester early in December 2021. Her love for writing, creativity, learning, and a passion for helping others continues as our Associate Writer/Editor. Her previous experiences in writing newsletters, blog content, news articles, and working on other creative projects equipped her with valuable skills to prepare her to do great work here at Laudisi.

When she isn't writing or editing at work, she loves to write poems, listen to all kinds of music, sing, explore the great outdoors (and indoors, usually with a classic show, a nostalgic movie, or a great book), spend time on the beach, and deepen her Christian faith. She has been a vegetarian for over eight years, loves animals, dabbles in dog walking, enjoys coffee (and anything caffeinated, really), and is excited to continue exploring the area to discover what South Carolina has in store for her.

Anna NierwinskiGraphic Designer

Originally from Poland, Anna immigrated to the States (NYC) with her parents when she was 13. After graduating high school, she attended Fordham University in Manhattan, where she studied Visual Arts and spent most of her free time immersed in NYC's art museums and culture. While she enjoyed her time in the city, Anna soon longed to escape the hustle of the concrete jungle and decided to move to Pennsylvania, buying a house near her parents in the Poconos, whose dense forest and blue lakes reminded her of Poland. There she worked for various printers and ad agencies, and eventually started her own design firm alongside her husband.

In 2020, however, stuck at home through the cold, rainy days of early spring, Anna and her family decided they needed to move somewhere they actually wanted to be, which, for Anna, meant the sun and the beach. That place turned out to be South Carolina, where she found her way to us here at Laudisi.

As our Graphic Designer, Anna applies her training and experience to creating myriad assets for both print and web, as well as helping educate the team on best practices. Her appreciation for user experience and strong art background continue to elevate our design standards, and her honesty and initiative make her a genuine pleasure to work with. We think she's brilliant, though she's far too modest to admit it (well... most of the time).

When she's not designing web ads and labels, or working with our copy team on a new catalog, Anna enjoys exploring her creativity outside of work through painting and drawing, particularly with charcoal or ink. She's also a self-described "CrossFit Junkie," having participated in multiple team competitions. Of course, mental fortitude is just as important, and as an avid reader, Anna begins each day with a chapter, which she says helps ground her thoughts for the day ahead. Anna looks forward to settling into her new home, together with her husband and their four lovely children.

Chris HerathVideographer

Originally from Cumberland, MD, and a graduate of West Virginia University, Chris is a highly creative individual with a gift for visual technology, possessing considerable skills in videography and video editing. His work ethic and patience were instilled in him through the example of his parents whose humility and selfless sacrifice enriched him with values that have served him well. A goal-setter, go-getter, and overall enthusiastic individual, Chris loves to accomplish his many goals and believes in celebrating his hard-earned victories. He counts completion of a 100-mile ultramarathon and cycling between Pittsburgh and Washington, DC as some of his most prized accomplishments. When not surmounting impressive obstacles, Chris treasures time with his wife and children, and loves spending time outdoors and traveling to our nation’s beautiful national parks.

Katie RanalliSenior Photographer & Layout Specialist

After years working in our merchandizing and graphics department, Katie now leads our photography efforts across all of our marketing channels. In addition to helping with product photography, she also helps design and implement our social media and content marketing strategy by shooting and creating custom graphics for our blog, catalogs, and social media assets. When she's not creating engaging content for our customers, Katie enjoys attending concerts and spending time with foster animals.

Nicole WeedBrand Photographer

Originally from Pa., Nicole attended school at the Harrisburg Area Community College and studied Photography and Welding. Describing herself as passionate, bubbly, and a go-getter, Nicole lives by the value of honesty. She is passionate about photography and fashion, keeping them alive by sewing clothes and snapping photos.

In her free time, Nicole loves country music and enjoys running. She also loves to travel to England and New Zealand to visit her friends over seas. She is happiest while drinking a cup of coffee and sitting outside to read, all of course with her trusty camera to capture anything that catches her eye.

Ardit HushiMarketing Analyst

Originally from Albania, Ardit joins Laudisi with a passion for the marketing industry and an excited attitude. He brings key skills in content management, social media, Google applications, Office Suite, and values the importance of staying up-to-date and knowledgeable on industry trends and other integral aspects of the marketing field. A Coastal Carolina University alum, he earned his degree in Marketing. One fun fact about him is that he speaks three languages: Italian, English, and Albanian. He is passionate about immigration, having recently undergone naturalization for his U.S. citizenship — an opportunity he greatly appreciates. He describes his mother as his hero for bringing his family to the U.S., and loves to travel back to Albania for its beautiful beaches during the summer and for holidays. When he isn’t working, Ardit is a fan of AC Milan soccer, playing soccer himself, spending time with his friends, playing video games, and listening to music. Dependable, funny, and positive, Ardit lives by the value of respect and believes that happiness is a choice; having the right mindset and not judging a book by its cover are influential tenets in his life, professionally and personally.

Benjamin PriceDepartment Coordinator, Marketing

Ben is originally from California and is a University of Denver alum. He continues the hobby of pipe smoking in his grandpa’s memory as a way to stay connected to him. Bringing a strong work ethic, the ability to connect with people, tenacity, and authenticity, he arrived at Laudisi ready to do great work on the Marketing team as our Department Coordinator, and now works diligently as our Assistant Merchandizing Manager.

He lives by the values of empathy, treating others with kindness, and following lessons his hero, his father, taught him by striving to make the world a better place and taking pride in himself and in his work. Ben has a black lab mix named Nala and an English Bulldog named Beau, who he loves very much.

Smokingpipes Administration

Bill LloydPurchasing Manager

Bill has been living in the Low Country for over a quarter century, which makes him the closest thing to a "local" that we have. Originally from Ohio, Bill has a Bachelor's degree in Business and over 16 years retail experience. He's a natural math whiz, and as our Purchasing Manager, Bill puts those skills to good use — handling all the purchasing for all of our tobacco, cigars, and accessories. A frequent cigar smoker, Bill also owned a beachfront bar for a few years. Bill's pride and joy are his wife, his two children, and he is a big sports fan. He is loyal to his native Buckeyes but all spring you can find him at the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers baseball games.

Truett SmithPipe Manager

Raised in the corn fields of Indiana, Truett studied Linguistics at Gordon College, just north of Boston, before moving to northern Spain. After a year of playing soccer and enjoying the cuisine, language, beaches, and mountains of the Basque region, he decided it was finally time to get on with his life, leading him to Laudisi. An avid pipe smoker and patron of Smokingpipes, Truett joined Laudisi in Spring 2018 and now serves as the Pipe Manager, coordinating with pipe artisans and manufacturers around the world to procure pipes for our website. Along with collecting pipes, Truett enjoys playing soccer and following the English Premier League (Glory Glory Man United), solving crossword puzzles, practicing guitar and chess, reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, spending time outdoors, and going to the cinema by himself.

Eryn PatrickDirector's Assistant

Eryn lives with her husband, Trevor (who works in Receiving) and a sweet kitty named Rigford Trashboat Norris, or Rigby for short, who is basically their child. She grew up in Jasper, New York, and moved to North Carolina in 2012. Before arriving at Laudisi, she tried her hand at having an online handmade jewelry shop. She was initially drawn to work here because of the company culture. Empathetic and sincere, Eryn believes she brings organization skills and a patient disposition to her job, which requires knowing exactly what’s going on at all times and going with the flow as changes come. When fear and doubt shroud her mind, she stays motivated by telling herself that everything will work out if she keeps moving forward or by thinking about the opportunities she’ll miss if she lingers in that apprehension. Outside of work, she’s a known Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast who plays weekly with her friends, an avid gamer (her current favorite is Baldur's Gate 3), and music maven who listens loud and proud to a wide variety of genres. Some of her favorite bands include Paramore, Dance Gavin Dance, Hail The Sun, and Boygenuis, among many others. Her musical prowess extends beyond just listening — she carries a passion for singing, which she started in high school after joining yearly musical productions, and a love for the guitar, which she picked up during the pandemic. Her favorite books are the entire graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley and her favorite movie is Everything Everywhere All At Once.

James ShoresCigar Specialist

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, James is a self-proclaimed loner — and a rebel — coming to Laudisi in search of new and exciting challenges. An Auburn University alum, he studied Mechanical Engineering, and his prior experience, both in retail and as a former sales representative for Ashton Cigars, has prepared him for great work here at Laudisi. He is passionate about providing the highest-quality tobacco at the best prices possible, and is dedicated to increasing Smokingpipes' market share in the premium cigar arena, a truly noble pursuit.

A vinyl records and watch collector, he supports the arts and music in schools along with the Big Brother/Sister programs. An avid New York Mets and Charlotte Hornets fan, he enjoys '80s horror movies, any music (other than country), and laying down for a snooze when he's not at work. Adding to his talents, he is a retired classically trained French chef — a delectable skill to have — and never ceases to lighten the mood with his sarcastic wit, hilarious personality, and optimistic attitude.

Tyler CaldwellCigar Specialist

Born in Spartanburg but raised in Myrtle Beach. Marked by an easy-going personality, calming confidence, and sarcastic sense of humor, Tyler's the type of person you can't help but want to light up a cigar with, making him all the more perfect for his work as our Junior Cigar Specialist. Combine that with years of experience in the cigar industry, and Tyler comes well prepared, fitting seamlessly into his role here at Laudisi.

While he loves cigars, Tyler's a sort of "Tyler-of-all-trades," with his interests spanning into the realms of art, music, world cultures, and Boston sports. When he's not helping customers, you're most likely to find Tyler with his son, Kai, and dog, Odin, both competing for the title of "Goofiest Creature on the Planet," and if he ever is able to find some time to himself, Tyler enjoys winding down with video games or obsessing over 90's wrestling.

John McElhenyPipe Specialist

Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, John has spent less than two years total living outside the confines of the coastal retreat, despite having moved away several times. He does not enjoy the beach the way that most locals do, however, as he prefers the lofty heights and misty summits of the mountains (and cannot stand the feeling of sand in places it doesn’t belong). He has been an avid enthusiast of cigars and tobacco for much of his life, and has been working in the industry since turning 18, finding himself a job in a local cigar store the summer he graduated high school. During his tenure there, John also attended Coastal Carolina University, graduating in May of 2020 with a B.A. in English. After his graduation, John was fully determined to find a career that he could both excel in and that would make full use of his degree. After a year of searching, he finally found the opportunity he had been waiting for and joined us here at Laudisi in 2021 as a Copywriter. Based on his vast knowledge of pipes and his experience here, he now works as our Pipe Specialist for Smokingpipes.

A writer the majority of his life, John has been inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe since childhood, owing this to his father, who read him "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" when he was six years old. Presently, he is enamored with the "Weird Fiction" movement and has been captivated by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith. When not writing, you can find John smoking cigars, listening to extreme metal music, attempting to practice the ancient Mongol tradition of throat singing, reading, or tending to his extensive collections of horror cinema and death metal CDs.

Lukus DenhamPipe Specialist

Lukus’ passion for pipes, tobacco, and cigars has led to his career here at Laudisi Enterprises as a Pipe Specialist. He has been an active member of the pipe community on Instagram, where he has garnered a large following, and has been a long-time pipe collector. Originally from Fairmont, West Virginia, he and his wife Rachel have been married for 13 years. He has a son named Judah and a pet bearded dragon. He values living life like it’s almost over, using this mentality to drive his goals and passions and keep working toward them while also enjoying his life in the present. As for advice: “Don’t take criticism from anyone you can’t respect.”

Beyond his work here, Lukus is a seasoned chef. He owned and operated one of the best-rated and most popular food trucks in Knoxville, Tennessee. His experiences in the kitchen have given him helpful working skills, including adaptability in new situations, critical thinking, problem-solving in several areas, and positively engaging with customers. He gained an appreciation and passion for sustainability in the culinary world, which stays with him today. Some fun facts about him include that he is a weightlifter, competing in Strongman and other powerlifting events. He is an avid chess player, enjoys sci-fi and fantasy movies, and has a taste in music his wife best describes as “screaming and banjos.” Now that he lives on the coast, he aspires to be a beach bum.

Sales & Customer Service

Stephen MawbyDirector, Sales

In 2006, Steve fled the snows of Northeast Ohio and found himself in South Carolina. Though he claims that he has a hard time thinking up fun things about himself, he finds no difficulty in proclaiming his love for craft beer, mindless comedies, music (particularly 70's rock and 90's rap), his two dogs, and the beach. Joining us in 2018, Steve is now the Director of Sales and has no shortage of experience in the field, having held previous positions leading and working in customer service, as well as in sales, operations, and accounting. He's most excited, though, about what he can bring to the table thanks to his past expertise as a lumberjack and ladies' shoes salesman.

Alan BrittCustomer Service Assistant Manager

For reasons unknown, Alan's close friends nicknamed him "Gorilla" as a teenager. Perhaps it was due to a hairy complexion, or vine-swinging antics, or chest-beating exultations, but we've yet to witness any such attributes since he joined our Customer Service team in January 2022, now serving as the department's Assistant Manager. Originally from Dillon, South Carolina, Alan moved to Horry County in 2013, fulfilling a childhood dream of living near the coast, and worked as an electrician for years before a love for cigars led him to Laudisi. An avid cigar smoker and pipe aficionado, Alan's passion for tobacco has made him a natural fit.

Besides cigars and pipe tobacco, Alan has a strong affection for music, horror, and sports. His eclectic musical tastes range from hardcore metal to modern hip-hop and '70s soul; he's obsessed with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and HP Lovecraft; and his diehard support of all Atlanta sports teams as well as the South Carolina Gamecocks is rivaled only by his cigar smoking — thankfully there's no inherent competition between the two. Outside of work, Alan's most likely to be found spending time with his wife, daughter, and pet chihuahua (the true love of his life).

Kevin ReedAssistant Store Manager

Kevin and his wife Barbara moved to Calabash, North Carolina, in 2020 to be closer to the beach, and in 2022, he joined Laudisi as one of our Customer Service Representatives and now serves as an Assistant Store Manager at our Low Country brick-and-mortar store. A longtime cigar connoisseur and more recent pipe enthusiasts, Kevin has been a natural fit here, grateful to be able to work in an industry that he loves. With an eclectic background in landscaping, insurance, and mortgage brokering, Kevin brings a diverse skill set to the team — not to mention a vast knowledge of and love for all things tobacco. In his spare time, he's likely to be found golfing, biking, playing poker, and smoking his favorite cigars.

Kaye FarinelliCustomer Service Representative

Kaye comes to us from an extensive background in the customer service industry. Throughout her three decades of customer service experience, she served 13 years in the Air Force, worked within the restaurant and hospitality industry, and spent her last eight years as a customer service representative and sales coordinator for a newspaper company. This immense experience, coupled with her exuberant personality no doubt made her an excellent fit for the Customer Service team at SPC, where she spends her time helping out all of you: providing helpful assistance over the phone and online, processing orders, and just about anything you would need to fulfill your pipe and tobacco needs. Born in Virginia, Kaye moved to South Carolina in 1977. Basically, she'll do anything to be outside; yes, even yard work. And in what may be the greatest example of yin and yang, she owns both a poodle and a Harley.

Chris PanosCustomer Service Representative

Chris left the far northern reaches of New Hampshire shortly after high school for the sunny beaches of Florida (which he refers to as "Vacationland") before traveling back northward to the more temperate climate of South Carolina to be here with us at Laudisi. He's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, having worked in construction, electronics manufacturing, hospitality, warehousing, and, most recently, sales and customer service. He considers this his dream job and has informed us that, when it comes time for him to retire, we may have to escort him off the premises.

Chris describes himself as a mediocre bass guitarist, an aspiring graffiti artist, and an avid yo-yoer. Though he claims that in his free time he enjoys listening to music, reading anything he can get his hands on, and doing anything at all outdoors, we're pretty sure that he's usually either playing guitar or yo-yoing. He also warned us that conjugating the word yo-yo would be uncomfortable. It is.

Roxanne CavanaughCustomer Service Representative

Originally from Michigan, Roxanne spent over two decades raising her kids in Massachusetts. In October of 2022, she and her husband Mike moved to South Carolina, and she soon joined us as one of our Customer Service Representatives. Instilled with an energetic passion, out-going nature, and motivated mindset, Roxanne has fit in quickly at Laudisi, having enjoyed meeting new people and advancing her expertise. In her free time, she loves to run and spend time with her family, as well as dabble in sewing and crafting. An avid sports fan, Roxanne played softball in college and continues to cheer on the Boston Bruins and Red Sox.

Todd MaffeCustomer Service Representative

Alongside his interest in pipes and cigars, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, including 15+ years of experience in IT operations and customer support. He studied Computer Information Systems at Strayer University and moved to Little River, South Carolina, in May of 2022 with his wife Amanda and his son Braeden. Originally raised in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, he is a huge Pittsburgh sports fan, a hot-sauce fanatic, a dedicated supporter of the ASPCA and other local SPCAs, and is the proud father of three rescue dogs named Izzy, Stevie, and Kiki.

Outside of work, Todd enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, golfing, spending time with his family on the beach, listening to hard rock, and touring with his wife around the area on his motorcycle in pursuit of adventure. Passionate about self-improvement and culture, he believes in the value of self-reliance and creating your own opportunities. He's kind, determined, and patient, and prefers to tackle obstacles head-on through collaboration and communication.

Anthony CiccoCustomer Service Representative

Anthony is originally from Queens, N.Y., and has a wife named Alessandra and three children: Annalisa, Dorotea, and Alexander, as well as a dog named Peach. He has always been interested in working for a company that actively takes pride in their product, with a creative attitude more than a sales person’s attitude. Bringing skills of compassion, pride for representing the company he works for, and a friendly personality, he lives by the value of wisdom, with the knowledge that you cannot build a structure on a broken foundation; make sure all the cracks and breaks in prior communication or issues are fixed before you attempt to build a relationship or rapport.

Outside of work, Anthony has been an active gamer since 1987. He’s a fan of the New York Rangers and loves oldies music from the ’50s and ’60s. Some fun facts about Anthony include that he used to work as a ring announcer and DVD color commentator for local independent wrestling shows in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. He also helps produce a horror movie podcast with his wife and brother-in-law.

Nicar PeartCustomer Service Representative

Nicar, or “Jay,” is a Jamaican native who joined Laudisi due to its astounding growth and reputation for excellence and customer service. An ambitious, passionate, and hardworking individual, Jay brings strong customer service and communication skills to his team. His passion fuels him to achieve his goals, striving to wake up everyday and challenge himself to achieve something greater than yesterday. Outside of work, Jay has a passion for soccer, reading, listening to music (his personal favorite is Reggae), the outdoors, and cars. His favorite soccer team is Arsenal. He’s a family man, the oldest of six siblings, with four sisters and one brother, and is married to his devoted partner.

Eric PolkinghorneCustomer Service Representative

Hailing from Clayton, Delaware, Eric joined Laudisi in pursuit of learning more about our intriguing industry and to dip into a new trade. His background in customer service has prepared him to work as a team player, be adaptable, and utilize interpersonal skills to deliver not just world-class support, but build lasting connections both with customers and coworkers alike. His creativity is defined by not just thinking outside of the box but also brainstorming innovative ideas to push boundaries and lift up those around him.

Prior to arriving here at Laudisi, Eric trained racehorses for shows. When he isn’t working, Eric finds joy in life at slower moments like relaxing at the beach, watching the Crimson Tide on the field, and going on trail rides on horseback. Eric carries an energetic, compassionate, and outgoing soul infused with wanderlust but he finds himself particularly drawn to Conzumel, Mexico. Though he’s been there only twice, he’s fallen in love with its crystal blue waters, tropical weather, and delectable food and drinks.

Andrea WatersCustomer Service Representative

Originally from Georgia, Andrea is a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” with five fur babies and counting. She joined Laudisi to pursue a new adventure and chapter in her life, and she is excited to learn a new industry and build new relationships. She is a passionate, personable, and confident worker, learns quickly, and is a team player, making her a perfect fit as a Customer Service Representative. She has a strong drive to work with others and continue improving herself in any way she can to be the best person she can be, staying true to herself every step of the way.

A Kennesaw State University alum, Andrea studied Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Services and Sociology. She has plenty of experience working with people from her role in corrections and as a parole officer for 15 years. Some fun facts about her include that she loves to read, hike the Blue Ridge Mountains and other stunning locations, go on road trips, engage in retail therapy, work on 5D Diamond paintings, and she has living room dance parties at random. She has moved cross country twice, first from Georgia to Minnesota and then to South Carolina. She loves the Minnesota Vikings and the music artist Jelly Roll. Loyal, honest, and compassionate, she is passionate about mental health and ending the stigma: “You are allowed to make mistakes. Forgive yourself and begin again.”

Martin HemricRetail Store Associate

Marty is originally from North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. He attended college at Guilford Technical Community College, earning a degree in General Studies. He arrived at Laudisi eager to be a part of a company that truly cares about its employees, something that he finds important in his professional life. His extensive background in small business management and sales prepared him well. Marty’s passion for helping others, intrepid spirit to never give up, disciplined work ethic, and wisdom that helps him cope with difficulties equip him with values that he carries with him in all that he does. His creativity is sparked most by music, which he describes as the international language, breaking through every barrier around the world.

Some fun facts about Marty include that he has volunteered as a firefighter, loves working on and restoring old cars and motorcycles, and that he is a drummer and music enthusiast. He is an avid Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan, loves heavy metal music, and enjoys hanging out with friends, family, and his dog. He is proud to be an American and loves to travel, finding himself particularly drawn to and in awe of the many mountain ranges around the country. Marty has a close relationship with God, whom he defines as his personal hero, rescuing him from a dark past. Loyal, trustworthy, and honest, he brings positive values with him wherever he goes.

Andrew ZhaoOffice Manager, China

Andrew is a cheerful and honest person with strong communication skills. And with years of pipe smoking experience under his belt, as well as four years of fine arts study, and a few years of experience in the antiques business, he has a natural eye for pipe aesthetics and a firm knowledge of the market. He brings his knowledge and personality to our Chinese Representative Office as Manager, overseeing the processing of orders, providing over-the-phone and online assistance, and always striving to better serve our Chinese customers. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the acoustic guitar and cooking.

Eric TanCustomer Service, China

Eric Tan was born and raised in China. He has two years of professional experience in the mobile internet industry with Blue Focus, which, together with his excellent manners and cool patience, makes him an undeniable asset to our Chinese Representative Office as a Customer Service Associate. He puts his manners (and maybe some of his patience) to good use at SPC, assisting customers online and over the phone, processing orders, translating and assembling our Chinese newsletter, and learning more about pipes and pipe tobacco by the day. Eric keeps an open mind to everything; experiencing new things is a great part of his life. In his time off, he loves watching movies and playing extreme sports with friends.

Ryota ShimizuCustomer Service, Japan

Ryota is our man in Tokyo. He handles customer service for our Japanese customers, providing the same service in Japanese that we offer in English from our main offices in South Carolina. An avid pipe man, Ryota fell in love with pipes while attending Keio University in Tokyo. Since then, he's become involved in pipe clubs and shows in Japan. We first met him at the Chicago Pipe Show in 2011 and he joined the team at the beginning of 2012. A California native, Ryota relocated to Japan to attend college, and now resides there helping to bridge the gap between and its Japanese customers and suppliers.

Yolanda YouCustomer Service, China

Joining us in the fall of 2022, Yolanda You (pronounced "Yo") is one of our Customer Service Representatives in China, assisting all of our China-based customers with questions, orders, and translations. An open-minded, reliable, and imaginative person, she's a welcome addition to the team, and when not at work, Yolanda enjoys, learning new languages, playing music, painting, and gardening. You're likely to find her spending time with her cat Theo, listening to Indie or symphonic music, or making delicious desserts and cocktails.


Cassie DavisonDirector, Merchandizing

Cassie was born in Michigan, and relocated to Myrtle Beach in 2004. Her work days are spent as the Director of Smokingpipes' Merchandizing department, facilitating the data entry, photography, and copywriting teams and liaising between the company's other departments. In her free time, she's a dedicated wife and mother, who is obsessed with Taylor Swift, the Charlotte Hornets, and anything Disney. Along with her husband, Russ, and three children, she travels frequently, with an emphasis on taking cruises — their favorite so far being a voyage through Greece.

Rich VigoritoData Entry Specialist

Another New Jersey transplant, Rich moved down to South Carolina back in 2003. After starting out as one of our Shipping & Receiving Associates, he now applies his keen eye for detail and great work ethic to our Merchandising department. As our Data Entry Specialist, Rich is responsible for weighing, measuring, and inputting all the data for the myriad of pipes hitting our site each week. When he's not at work, Rich enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Oh, and also appreciating all things Rock 'n Roll.

Lora HodderData Entry Specialist

Originally from Pennsylvania, Lora's lived in the greater Myrtle Beach area for over a year now, and has taken to the warmer climate with gusto. When she's not at work, in fact, you'll likely find her outside enjoying the sunshine, whether relaxing on the beach or exploring one of the region's beautiful state parks. As one of our Data Entry Specialists, Lora's responsible for inputting all the weights and measurements for a vast array of products on our site, taking special care to ensure each measurement is exact and our system remains organized. Fun, outgoing, and dependable, she's simply a joy to be around and we're happy to have her on our team.

Ashley PageData Entry Specialist

Though originally from Upstate New York, Ashley's lived in nearby Whiteville for nine years, where she enjoys spending time with family, pets, and her horse. Before joining Laudisi, Ashley actually collected handmade pipes as souvenirs from her travels, including a beautiful pipe from the Bahamas crafted from wood and horse hair. When she's not at work, you'll likely find her on a horse, listening to her favorite music, or baking up some excellent sweets.

Debra PolitoData Entry Specialist

Debbi hails from Scranton, PA, and moved to Calabash, NC, in 2020, bidding a happy farewell to snow and an even more joyful hello to sandy beaches. She describes herself as creative, dedicated, and patient, with a penchant for organizing things. These attributes are always welcome in our ranks, and she joined the Shipping Department as a Shipping Associate in 2021, and now works as a Data Entry Specialist. Married to her best friend and with two sons and three dogs, Daisy, Miley, and Gunner, she stays busy in her off time with crafting, swimming, and long walks on the beach with her family.

Adam CarlonePhoto Specialist

After a recent road trip around the US, during which he got to see some of what our country has to offer firsthand, Adam made his way to South Carolina to join us at Laudisi Enterprises. As part of our talented in-house photography team, Adam's responsible for shooting and editing photos of all the various products on our sites, as well as creating visual assets for social media, email campaigns, and other mediums. When he's not helping our shorter staff take top-down shots or get props off of high shelves, Adam spends his time making music in his home studio, hunting down elusive vinyl records for his collection, and bringing audio vibrations to a visual medium through his acrylic paintings.

John MurphyPhoto Specialist

Originally from Long Island, New York, John moved to Myrtle Beach in 2020 and joined Laudisi as a Photo Graphics Specialist in 2021. His creativity and penchant for artistic pursuits were a natural fit, and his desire to create art translated well to ensuring you see the very best pictures with which to admire fresh pipes. In his off time he likes to make paintings and photographs, and discover new communities of interest to observe with his camera. He may also be found investigating an occasional art gallery, and looks forward to visiting places like Athens, Ga, Denver, Co, and Ireland, to document the sheepherders.

Carissa LewisPhoto Specialist

A Conway, South Carolina native, Carissa (aka Ven) joined the Laudisi family in June, 2019, as a Shipping Associate and now works in the Merchandizing department as one of our Photo Specialists. Bringing a flexible, curious, and imaginative personality to the team, Carissa enjoys creating digital art, honing her photography skills, and building new worlds, peoples, and languages (à la Tolkien, Pratchett, Lovecraft, and Herbert). She's also passionate about Environmentalism and looks for opportunities to combine her loves of nature and photography. At home, Carissa spends time listening to her favorite band, Gojira, and hanging out with her parents, sister, and two pets: a Chihuahua named Chi Chi and cat, Tiger.

Coleman JohnsonPhoto Specialist

Coleman Johnson served a tour in Afghanistan while in the U.S. Air Force, is a graduate of Fordham University with a degree in Political Science, a world traveler with a passion for discovering new cuisines, and a devoted husband to his wife Courtney. Among his greatest passions is World of Warcraft. With well over a decade of dedication, Coleman frequently tops the WoW charts as a high-level Druid, and his ultimate goal is to collect 100 percent of items and skills to make his character the unstoppable force it was destined to be.

Outside of his role-playing exploits, Coleman enjoys the simplicities of working his family land in South Carolina, rocking out to his favorite band Coheed and Cambria, and spending time with his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Momo.

Davin HyltonLead Copywriter

Born near a dog track somewhere in Florida, Davin quickly relocated to Myrtle Beach: the home he still haunts to this very day. As a constant overachiever, immediately after graduating college in 2018, Davin set about looking for a job to utilize his English degree and follow his writing passion. He did not immediately succeed. Finally, in 2021, after years of searching, he stumbled across a hiring inquiry for a copywriting position at Smokingpipes, and we welcomed him to Laudisi with open arms.

When not constantly overwhelmed by an ever-growing to-read pile, materializing precariously on nearly every empty surface in his home, he enjoys watching films, exploring hole-in-the-wall dives, and simply passing time. He has a cat to help him with that last part. As for any hidden talents, when pushed, he merely puts up his hands and whispers, "Those are hidden for a reason." It's safe to say he probably doesn't have any. As for any bucket list goals that may be on the horizon for him, Davin seems completely stumped at the idea: "Maybe take up the drums. I didn't make it this far by planning ahead."

Joshua CarrollCopywriter

Josh came to Laudisi with a lifelong passion for writing. A South Carolina native, Josh grew up in Lexington as a triplet with two sisters, Miranda and Meredith, and his loyal family pets: a dog named Lily, a cat named Cinnamon, and a yet to be named Parakeet. A self-described mildly color blind tall man with the ability to speak a smattering of Russian, Josh is a Coastal Carolina University graduate, where he studied Communication with a concentration in Interactive Journalism. He served as both a reporter and editor-in-chief for the university's newspaper, The Chanticleer, where he gained valuable writing experience, a keen eye for detail, and a witty sense of humor. Josh lives by the value of being earnest in everything he does.

Outside of work, you can catch Josh reading, watching movies, or hanging out with his friends and making bad jokes. Josh grew up doing both Boy Scouts and karate, earning both the rank of Eagle Scout and his black belt, respectively. His favorite book series is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. His personal hero and all-time favorite comedian is Norm Macdonald, finding his professional risk-taking inspiring. Josh lives by the wisdom to not worry about things that can’t be controlled, to do what you can, and let it all play out. This wisdom has allowed him to step back and pause whenever things feel overwhelming. Josh cares deeply about wildlife, animals, and the different life forms possible on earth, especially in seemingly impossible circumstances. The stranger the better.

Jessica LandefeldCopywriter


Adam DavidsonEstate Manager

Forgive the cliche', but Adam's passion for pipes definitely goes to 11. And you realize that when you ask him a question about pipe bits and his twenty minute answer doesn't include a comma or a breath. Adam's duties here include, but are not limited to, inspecting new and estate pipes for drilling, fit and finish, construction, and cosmetic issues, writing condition statements, and evaluating most of the estate pipes that end up at SPC. He also manages the entire restoration process, which means he spends a lot of time thinking about and then implementing exciting new ways to improve the cleaning of old pipes. Adam is also a celebrated pipe maker, creating and crafting some of our more sought after pipes. He is an industrial design graduate of Purdue University, and has designed pieces such as office products, furniture and cars. Adam's future in pipes was cemented when, as a young child, he refused to watch Frosty the Snowman because he couldn't fathom why a snowman with a magic hat would choose a corncob pipe over a patent sandblast.

Russ DavisonPipe Restorer

Born and raised on the Grand Strand, Russ spends his workdays breathing new life into estate pipes that come through our door, carefully restoring them to the best of his ability. The rest of the time? You'll find him enjoying family life with his wife and kids. They love to travel, especially if it involves a cruise, and during basketball season you won't find Russ supporting anyone but the Charlotte Hornets.

Matthew FoltzPipe Restorer

Matthew is originally from Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and joined our Estate Pipe Restoration team in early 2022, just about eight months after moving to the Grand Strand. A quiet soul, Matthew is a welcome addition to the Restoration department, dedicated to solid work and to refurbishing the thousands of estate pipes we receive throughout the year. When not reaming chambers, polishing stems, and cleaning airways, Matthew enjoys reading, fishing, playing board games, and cheering on the NHL's Washington Capitals.

Jasper RoyalsPipe Restorer

Hailing from Horry County, S.C., Jasper came to Laudisi with the desire for a job that brought him a sense of accomplishment, as well as a schedule that permitted an excellent work/life balance. He has one brother and numerous pets, and lives by the value of integrity, carrying the lessons he’s learned along the way from prior experiences into this new opportunity at Laudisi. A piece of wisdom that came from his long passed great-uncle has stuck with him: “When you hear something you don’t like, always consider the source before taking action … Words that come from nothing are nothing.” He takes this message to heart, living by his great-uncle’s example of maturity and composure. His creative spirit is best represented through his desire to get back to the basics; utilizing older, simpler ways of doing things, with old tools that still get the job done.

When he isn’t at work, he enjoys equestrian activities, gardening, tinkering, visiting friends and family, and sitting with a good book and a packed pipe. If he had one superpower, he would love to travel through time as an unseen observer. His favorite place to travel is through the Great Smoky Mountains, because, in his own words, “They make his heart sing.” Describing himself as quiet, determined, and a mess, Jasper’s heart and sense of humor lead him in his work and life.


Kyler LambethWarehouse Manager

Kyler was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and bleeds Tarheel blue. He grew up in Raleigh, NC following college basketball, playing soccer, and racing cars. After six years at Ripley's Aquarium, Kyler made his way to Laudisi in January of 2018. Since that time, he's worn multiple hats at the company, working in the warehouse, distribution, and marketing. Kyler current role, as Warehouse Manager, utilizes his knowledge of departmental processes to ensure the warehouse is running smoothly and efficiently.

Kathleen McAvoyShipping Assistant Manager

A lover of warmth and sunshine, Kathleen relocated to South Carolina in 2021 from New York, and she joined Laudisi as one of our Shipping Associates in March 2022. Now, she serves as one of the department's Assistant Managers, bringing with her a kind, caring, and creative spirit. Quite hands-on and artistically gifted, when she's not working to pick, pack, and post your orders, Kathleen enjoys crafting, DIY projects, and gardening, and she's an especially talented floral designer — expertly creating everything from everyday bouquets to elaborate event arrangements. Her musical tastes lean toward Country and '70s hits, and she hopes one day to visit Ireland where some of her family still calls home.

Matthew FeldmanReceiving Supervisor

Matt Feldman was born and raised in Maryland, but moved down to SC, like so many of us, looking for a fresh start. After trying his hand at the timeshare biz, he found his place here at Laudisi as one of our Shipping & Receiving Associates, and now our Receiving Supervisor — a role which sees him leading and overseeing our receiving team, ensuring that everything coming in the door is processes and added into inventory. When he's not at work, you'll likely find Matt out on the water — fishing, swimming, or just taking the boat for a spin. He's also an avid sports fan, his favorite teams being the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Redskins.

Kyle ChurchShipping Supervisor

Kyle Church — his dart team calls him Hawkeye, but we just call him Kyle — joined Laudisi in the fall of 2022 and serves as our Shipping Supervisor. Originally from Kentucky, Kyle brings to the office a passionate, caring, fun, and understanding demeanor that suits his leadership role well, and he's a natural problem-solver, often looking outside of the box and working hard to find efficient solutions to any issues that arise. When not at work, he enjoys playing in traveling dart leagues and supporting the Kentucky Wildcats, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cincinnati Reds.

Lillian SpearmanTeam Lead

Though born in Louisiana, Lillian grew up right here in Horry county, making her a true local by our standards. As one of our Shipping Team Leads, Lil brightens our day with her extroverted personality and intrepid spirit, assisting and organizing our team to pull and pack orders and performing meticulous checks to ensure safe and speedy delivery of your favorite pipes and pipe tobaccos. When she's not at work, Lillian enjoys playing guitar, taking care of her farm, and spending time in her wood shop where she builds beautiful stools, clocks, and wall decor.

Michael Fahrner-StraitTeam Lead

Michael was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, in a big family. He is the third youngest of 10 and each of his siblings live in different locations around the country and even outside of it. He and his wife enjoy a passion for travel and adventure, especially in Europe where they explore its deep history and scenic vistas together at every opportunity. His endless wanderlust is partially inspired by his deep love for the The Lord of the Rings franchise. Not one to shy from a thrill, he enjoys taking leap of faiths (bungee jumping) in his free time. And as a profound lover of all things music, he listens to a bit of everything. A proud dog father of two and a self-proclaimed hockey lover, Michael’s not just watched but played on the ice for most of his life. He came to Laudisi because of his passion for cigars, desire to learn more about the industry, and to get hands-on experience. He cites his own father as his hero, giving credit to him for making him the man he is today and instilling the value of being a “jack of all trades” into his work ethic.

Trevor NorrisReceiving Associate

Born and raised just down the road in Tabor City, Trevor is a true Grand Strand local, though he would still prefer somewhere more tropical. Here at Laudisi, he brings his friendly demeanor (and fantastic impersonations) to work each day as one of our hard-working Receiving Associates. With the rest of the Receiving team Trevor helps unpack, organize, label, and put away shipments. When he's not at work, Trevor enjoys playing guitar, gardening, and spending time with his wife and adorable cat, Rigby.

Mitchell JonesReceiving Associate

Joining our Shipping department in early 2023, Mitch helps to ensure that all pipes, accessories, tobacco, and cigars are safely packaged and quickly sent to their final destinations. He describes himself as goofy, respectful, adaptable, and warm — all traits that have made him a pleasure to work alongside and a natural fit here at Laudisi. With an adventurous upbringing that saw him travel the world at an early age, including time spent living in Saudi Arabia, Mitch is well rounded and full of stories. When not at work, he enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and learning about history, and he's also a fan of early Hip-Hop and Classic Rock, as well as The Lord of the Rings, comic books, and the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners. Moreover, rumor has it that he's no slouch in the kitchen.

Janice HaggieShipping Associate

After serving as a Sales Associate at our brick & mortar store, our Shipping Supervisor in the warehouse, Operations Assistant for all of Laudisi Enterprises, and Sales Assistant for Laudisi Distribution Group, Janice recently retired at the end of 2019 and now works part-time in our Shipping Department as a Shipping Associate. She and her husband came to the beach from the northern Chicago suburbs, preferring to experience snow through the magic of television.

Nikki MonroeShipping Associate

Born in Loris, SC, near Smokingpipes' home, it should be no surprise that Nikki ended up coming to join us, even if she took the long way around to get here. She spent her life traveling with her Marine corps family, graduating from Kubasaki High School in Okinawa, Japan, and getting married in Hawaii. Later, she spent twenty years working in both office administration and customer service operations, making her a perfect fit for our family. As part of our Shipping team, she spends her days double-checking every aspect of your order for accuracy, and safely packing them up for delivery. When she's not at work, good luck finding her — with her active lifestyle, she could be racing her motorcycles, riding a jet ski, learning how to garden, or practicing her bowling skills.

Mark DesyShipping Associate

Originally from Massachusetts, Mark moved to Myrtle Beach just before joining us here at Smokingpipes. A family man with two sons, four dogs and a horse, he's also a jack of all trades, who spends his days working to pull, pack, and ship all of our orders as quickly and accurately as possible, while practicing his skills as a luthier in his free time.

Terri MillerShipping Associate

Originally from Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, Terri moved down to the balmy Carolina coast in 2015 and has loved it ever since. As one of our dedicated Shipping Associates, she applies her excellent work ethic to a variety of tasks — from pulling and double-checking orders to securely packaging it all up for speedy delivery. When she's not keeping us laughing and smiling with her quick sense of humor and easy-going personality, Terri enjoys relaxing at the beach and spending time with her family and two (massive) Labradoodles.

Robin MillerShipping Associate

Originally from Myerstown, PA, Rob's a natural born Eagles and Phillies fan, but he's come to enjoy the laid-back South Carolina lifestyle. As one of our Shipping Associates, Rob's responsible for picking and pulling orders, and packaging everything up safely for speedy delivery right to your doorstep. When he's not at work, you'll likely find him kicking back to the sound of classic rock and spending time with his family.

Bailee LewisShipping Associate

Bailee Lewis is a South Carolina native, having grown up in nearby Conway, and joined Laudisi as a Shipping Associate in 2021. She loves horror movies, heavy metal music, and her two dogs, Malarie and Chi Chi. When not carefully packing your pipes or readying tobacco for shipment, she likes to watch movies, play video games, and spend time with her dogs. Calm, but not faint of heart, she hopes to one day go bungee jumping.

Gabriel CrawfordShipping Associate

Born and raised in Horry County, South Carolina, Gabby's been a neighbor of Laudisi her entire life, and in late 2021, she joined our team of Shipping Associates, bringing with her a conscientious mindset, loving demeanor, and passionate determination that make her a joy to work with. A deep thinker who appreciates the storytelling elements of music and film, Gabby also enjoys writing her own stories, and when she's not helping our Shipping Department sort and package orders, she's likely cooking or spending time with close friends and family — or honing her impressive makeup skills.

Amy BradleyShipping Associate

Born in Dayton, OH, Amy grew up in Boone, NC before eventually following family to the beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. An avid traveler, Amy is a bit of a thrill junky and loves the rush of being hurled through the air at breakneck speeds on her favorite roller coasters (the scarier the better) and has even ventured to jump out of a perfectly good airplane (with parachute, of course). Her bucket list abounds with adventure and she one day hopes to take in the spectacle of the Northern Lights and meander through the beauty of our country’s vast National Parks. When not pursuing her next adrenaline fix, Amy loves to spend time with family, is passionate about animals, and is a lover of all things music. Honest, friendly, and hardworking, Amy is a joy to be around and is a perfect fit in the Laudisi family.

Lisa LivelyShipping Associate

If Lisa could possess one superpower, it would be to inspire those who are struggling to cultivate confidence and self-belief in their lives. It’s a pretty selfless wish considering all of the audacious possibilities. This proclivity for empathy and service defines Lisa’s worldview. She is kind, compassionate, and honest and credits her sister-in-law and real-life superhero, Roxanne, as the person who has helped her grow into the intrepid woman she is today. A transplant from Florida, Lisa loves to explore and experience the beauty of South Carolina and can often be found happily browsing its many antique shops. Above all else, Lisa is a doting mother of three wonderful adult children and a precious Miniature-Yorkie fur-baby named Gracie. Outgoing, brimming with positivity, and always willing to lend a helping hand, Lisa is the embodiment of a true Laudisian.

Paul SchweglerShipping Associate

A former Buffalo, New York, resident, Paul traded in his snow boots and ice scrapers for the lush fairways and beautiful waterfront of South Carolina. As an avid golfer, Mike is happiest chasing a little white ball around the area's many golf courses but, as he humorously puts it, “you can only play so much golf.” So, when away from work and golf, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife Debi, his three grown children, and six grandchildren. Camping is a favorite family activity but Paul also enjoys a night at the bowling lanes and playing softball. When it comes to sports, it’s Buffalo all the way as Paul supports the Bills in the NFL and the Sabres in the NHL. Optimistic, level-headed, and wise, Paul summarizes his outlook on life as follows: “Even a bad day has only 24 hours and waking up on this side of the grass is always a good thing!”

Richard PlattShipping Associate

Originally hailing from Horsham, PA, Richard is a devoted father of two and has enjoyed over three decades of marriage to his wife Kathleen. An avid Philadelphia Eagles fan and a lover of music (with a preference for acts from the 1960s through the 1980s), Richard believes in enjoying life and having fun while doing it. Whether it’s losing himself in a good book or scouring local yard sales for a diamond in the rough, Richard is passionate in his pursuits and actively works to find joy, creativity, and fulfillment in everything he does. That’s probably why he enjoys the peace and contentment that comes from a fine cigar — a pastime he particularly enjoys while visiting his favorite local destination of Charleston, SC.

Jose CasillasShipping Associate

Originally from Nutley, New Jersey, Jose is happily married to his wife, Maria, and is the father of four children: Anthony, Victor, Michael, and Joseph, and a fur baby, Kitty the cat. He is excited to jump back into full-time work after closing a chapter of his life owning menswear and bridal stores. Jose brings 25 years of experience and skills in shipping and receiving as a manager. Describing himself as quiet, loyal, and dependable, he lives by the core values of integrity and honesty, and is inspired by Roberto Clemente, who tried to help countries in need by delivering food and saw the value of helping others.

After work you can find him on the hunt for shark teeth on the beach, learning how to play golf, eating, and spending time with his family playing pool. He loves to travel to Italy for the fantastic scenery, delicious foods, and beautiful churches; roots for the NY Jets and Mets; and enjoys any novels by Clive Barker, all kinds of music, and the movie Scarface. Hard-working and unafraid to learn and ask questions, Jose joins the Laudisi tradition with an admirable set of values.

Dawn NairnShipping Associate

Dawn is originally from Northern Virginia and has been living in the Carolinas for the last 15 years of her life. She has two kids, Shane and Riley, as well as an elderly dog named Remington. After her children grew up and left home, she was searching for a solid way to fill her spare time, an opportunity to learn something new, and to meet new people who might become her friends; in came Laudisi, and she is happy to have landed here in this new chapter of her life. She strives to live a life led by the values of honesty and integrity in all that she does.

When she’s not at work, Dawn enjoys attempting to learn how to play golf. She is a fan of the Carolina Panthers and loves to listen to country and classic rock music. Someday soon she hopes to travel to Scotland and Ireland to explore and experience the culture, as well as to see the beautiful countryside and castles that decorate the land. She is happiest spending her free time hanging out around her family, spending quality time with them, and making lasting memories.

Michael BrowneShipping Associate

A Reading, Pennsylvania, transplant, Mike spent the bulk of his professional career in the radio and music promotion business, even spending time as an on-air disc jockey. This brush with minor celebrity afforded him the once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to fly (as a passenger) with the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels. Now happily retired, Mike stays in touch with his musical roots, keeping up with the latest releases and following the charts in search of the next hit record. Inspired by the shining example of his late parents, Ron and Duraine, Mike approaches every day with gratitude for the impact they had on him and still strives to make them proud. When not pursuing his musical passions, Mike is a sports enthusiast and a life-long learner. “I try to learn something new everyday because today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Dave BerryShipping Associate

Dave brings years of warehouse experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to his role as Flex Shipping Associate. At Horry-Georgetown Technical College, he studied Business Management and has owned and operated his own business for over 30 years. Originally from Pennsylvania, he and his wife, Tracy, have three children: Marijo, Melinda, and David Jr. Often working with Tracy here at Laudisi to assist wherever he could, he became a dedicated presence and now has an official role.

Trustworthy, adventurous, and determined to conquer risky goals, he loves to travel on two wheels for long adventures in the vast countryside. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, he has been a life member of the National Harley Owners Group and is the Director of the Myrtle Beach Local Chapter. He is passionate about youth programs and loves to spend time with his friends and family, living by the motto, "Get busy living or get busy dying."

Francis Komsisky JrShipping Associate

Originally from New Windsor, New York, Frank and his wife, Wendy, have two sons: Tyler and Andrew, as well as two dogs: Lucy and Hudson. He arrived at Laudisi excited for the job stability and its proximity to his home — it’s certain that he hopes to be here for years to come. Outside of work, Frank enjoys hunting, fishing, and golfing. His favorite team is the NY Jets and he is a fan of Star Wars. He is happiest when he can tinker around the house with any projects, ranging from painting to building things. His father is his hero due to his helpful presence in his life, providing sound life advice, and lending an ear to listen; his tenacity is a value Frank admires. Frank is an individual who has a hard-working mentality and gives 100 percent in all that he does.

Matthew BrauseShipping Associate

Matt is originally from Baltimore, Md., now living here in S.C. after taking a leap of faith and moving his life down south with his lovely girlfriend, Kellie, and a Cane Corso dog mix, Lucille, who is, despite her 95-lb size, indeed a sweet lap dog. His move was prompted by his desire to move closer to family, and when he visited with Kellie in 2022, he knew it was a great decision to move here. Laudisi’s company culture impressed him as he learned more and more about it, and he is grateful that he was able to start his new life so quickly upon moving here as a Shipping Associate. He brings a dedicated work ethic, attention to detail, a strong desire to support those with clear goals, and a willingness to get his hands dirty to achieve them, among other key skills. He is a Niagara University alum, where he studied Philosophy and Writing Studies. While at school, he was involved in rugby, where his team went on to win the 2013 state championship. Then, as coach of the women’s rugby team, they won again in the 2018 state championship.

Outside of working hours, Matt enjoys running, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and hanging out with his girlfriend and dog. His favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens, and he loves to travel back home to Baltimore to visit his father and younger brothers and to be in the area where he grew up. An interesting fact about him is that he was born in Scotland, where his parents met in the U.S. Navy. His grandfather, who was a juvenile court judge in Baltimore for most of his life, is Matt’s hero due to his values of being fair and impartial. Describing himself as calm, respectful, and helpful, he lives by the value of respecting others, especially when it comes to making people feel comfortable around him. He also believes that everyone’s lived experience has value, and that it’s worth it to consider the perspectives and beliefs of others.

Randy LopezShipping Associate

Hailing from Copiague, New York, Randy lives with his family of two sisters, three cats, and one dog here in South Carolina. He discovered Laudisi online and, based on the solid reviews he found about the company, he decided to apply and jumped straight into the opportunity to work here. Hard-working and a lover of learning new things, he describes himself as calm, collected, and respectful, and believes that you should always try to do right by people, even if they don’t always deserve your kindness — because life’s too short to bring people down. He is most inspired by his father due to his patience and determination, leading him to adopt the same values: a motivation to succeed, be patient, and remain positive in everything he does. Some fun facts about Randy include that he played baseball for nearly 10 years growing up, soccer for over five years, and played high-pitch softball in his late teens and early 20s. He is a Mets fan, enjoys all sorts of music — but mainly hip-hop — and he enjoys gaming and watching Anime on Netflix. His favorite novel is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and his favorite movie is Avengers: Endgame. He loves to travel anywhere nature is lusciously green and the fresh air abounds.

Kellie ScanlonShipping Associate

Kellie Scanlon joined Laudisi after moving down to South Carolina with her boyfriend who had joined the team and loved everything about the company, particularly the friendly faces around him. Her partner’s enthusiasm was infectious, and she jumped at the chance to become part of Laudisi when the opportunity presented itself. Among her most valuable assets to the team is her ability to form real and meaningful connections to the people in her life. She holds a fiery passion in her heart that shines through in her day to day, constantly striving to be someone others can rely on and to be the sort of person who can brighten others day.

A self-proclaimed die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her boyfriend and their dog, Lucille. She’s an alumni of Buffalo State College where she studied English Literature and Writing.

Lisa RipaShipping Associate

Lisa joins Laudisi as a Shipping Associate, bringing a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn daily. Married to her husband, David, for over 30 years, they share six children, 16 grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. She’s an enthusiastic dog lover and enjoys nature walks and motorcycle rides. While on a ride with Laudisi’s own VP Tracy and Dave from Shipping, they suggested that she apply for an opening in the department. And she did.

Some fun facts about Lisa include that she is originally from southern New Jersey, engages in charity work at food banks and homeless shelters through her church, and her favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks. Honest, trustworthy, and loyal, she lives by the value of respect and believes that persistence leads to success. As for a piece of wisdom that she incorporates into her life daily: “Today is a new day! We cannot change what happened yesterday, but today is a fresh start and we can grow and improve every day.”

Mary ConklinShipping Associate

Hailing from Middletown, New York, Mary moved with her husband of over 30 years, Bob, to sunny South Carolina to escape the cold northern weather with their puggle Beijing. She is a Fordham University alum, where she studied Business Management. Her eagerness to learn something new every day persists as she joins our Shipping team.

When she isn’t working, Mary enjoys going to the beach, sitting on her back patio, listening to music, and reading up on her latest topics of interest. She lives by the value of honesty and strives to be a lifelong learner. As for superpowers: “I would love to have a laser beam in my finger so I could disintegrate slow drivers on the road. I'm a speedster… sorry.”

Jesse WilkinsShipping Associate

Jesse is eager to be a part of the Shipping department here at our main office, where he will join a thriving team of associates dedicated to providing optimal services in shipping products to our customers. He joined Laudisi to experience professional growth and to dive into a bustling work environment. Jesse lives with his girlfriend and two dogs named Boomer and Marley.