Work at Laudisi Enterprises, Inc.

Why come work for us? Why not? You need a job, and we're always looking to hire new talent. The real question is: why will you stay?

Our employees stay because they enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment, with idealistic people who love what they do and who are passionate about our products. They cherish being a part of something far greater than themselves, to build lasting relationships with customers and peers and to bring our most unique of hobbies to even greater heights. Simply put, you make your own way here at Laudisi. There is no bureaucracy: just a team of intrepid, like-minded, creative people brought together by our love for pipes and pipe tobacco.

Don't see any open positions? No need to wait for us to post an opening; feel free to send your resume and a quick cover letter to, telling us who you are and why you'd like to be a part of our team.

There are presently 3 open positions:

Position: Sales Manager,

Department: Sales & Customer Service
Description: We're looking for a sales leader. We’re looking for a coach. We’re looking for the type of person who loves to teach, guide, and counsel individuals; the kind of person who relishes shaping a team. He (or she) needs to be someone that can both quantitatively and qualitatively analyze a sales situation and set a strategy for our sales efforts in consultation with other members of the management t...Read More

Position: Shipping Associate

Department: Shipping

We're quite busy. We need someone who can embrace the fast-paced environment of an expanding shipping department and get things done. We need someone who can pull product, pack it, and ship it so efficiently that not only do we get emails from customers exclaiming, "Wow, I got this ridiculously fast," but also, "I ordered 100 different products and there are no mistakes! Amazing!" Of course, we...Read More

Position: Social Media Specialist

Department: Marketing
Description: You’ll be extremely busy. But that’s cool, you prefer it that way. You’ll spend your time developing and implementing various online marketing campaigns using modern, measurable marketing tactics that spotlight our core brands and products. You’ll make use of tools at your disposal to effectively monitor the internet for mention of our brands, products, and services that may raise questions or req...Read More

Please submit resumes to: Unless otherwise noted, all positions are on site in Longs, SC.