Work at Laudisi Enterprises, Inc.

So here's the deal. We could use this opportunity to tell you a bunch of generic things about ourselves in order to get you to come to work for us, but what good would that do? Let's be honest, because after all...honesty is one of the most refreshing things this life can offer us.

We want people who like to grow. We want people who want to help us grow. And most importantly, we want to provide pipe smokers everywhere with the very best pipes and pipe experiences possible. If you want to be a part of that...let us know.

There are presently 4 open positions:

Position: Copywriter

Department: Marketing
Description: Copywriters! Are you ready to move up from hit-or-miss freelance, to a full-time copywriting position with an established company and upward movement potential? Do you possess the adaptability required to create both compelling sales/description copy, as well as seamlessly shift to longer form, blog type communications? Would you enjoy working in a collaborative environment that can provide plenty...Read More

Position: Housekeeper & Courier

Department: Operations

We're looking for someone who can take a look around, assess what needs doing, and get it done. Of course, we'll give you guidance along the way, but who doesn't love finding clean dishes without having to ask someone to wash them? Your job, if you choose to accept it, would be to keep up with regular office cleaning, emptying trashes, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, kitchen & restroom sanitation....Read More

Position: Customer Service Associate

Department: Sales & Customer Service
Description: is looking for a bright and gregarious problem solver dedicated to being a 'Champion of Service' for our growing customer base. A customer service champ provides the highest level of service possible to all customers he or she interacts with through telephone conversations, email, and face-to-face meetings while demonstrating an intimate knowledge and passion for all things relati...Read More

Position: Shipping Associate

Department: Shipping

We're quite busy. We need someone who can embrace the fast-paced environment of an expanding shipping department and get things done. We need someone who can pull product, pack it, and ship it so efficiently that not only do we get emails from customers exclaiming, "Wow, I got this ridiculously fast," but also, "I ordered 100 different products and there are no mistakes! Amazing!" Of course, we...Read More

Please submit resumes to: Unless otherwise noted, all positions are on site in Longs, SC.