Comoy's: Cask No.5 Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-595-0005

Bright orange Virginas and rich Burleys are blended together in Comoy's "Cask No.5", and topped with Tennessee bourbon flavor for a smooth flavor and civil room note.
Room Note:
  • Components: Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (5 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.60 out of 5 stars
Almost a Frog Morton Cellar Replacement
April 11, 2018
Product: Comoy's Cask No.5 3.5oz
Lamenting the loss of Frog Morton's Cellar, I've turned to this. It's nowhere near the perfect match, but it is in the ballpark. Has that nice whisky essence like FMC, but is missing the latakia. Still, it's a nice smoke.
Maybe it's just me.
February 24, 2018
Product: Comoy's Cask No.5 Bulk
I'm not exactly sure what about this blend hasn't connected for me. I love liquor flavoured VaBurs, I was expecting to love this one. My first experience with this blend was in a filtered Vauen and i thought it was pretty great. There are some goo... Read More
Excellent blend
September 15, 2017
Product: Comoy's Cask No.5 Bulk
I've smoked Borku m Riff Whisky since 1975. This as good or better. Not as much bite. Priced lower. Nice, Mellow Aroma.
Light Taste
February 22, 2015
Product: Comoy's Cask No.5 Bulk
Little to no taste/smell if you like to know what your smoking.
Quite Enjoyable!
November 02, 2013
Product: Comoy's Cask No.5 3.5oz
I really like this rubbed-out medium body blend. I found this tasted very similar to the Single Coin Sliced, which I loved, but personally I can't detect any Bourbon top dressing. If it's there, it's very subtle, and doesn't push this towards the a... Read More