Newminster: No.47 Danish Black Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-528-0011

The special Virginia tobaccos from South America are fermented for many hours to create this dark black Cavendish. A smooth caramel topping mixed with sweet fruit flavors gives No.47, Danish Black by Newminster, a round and mellow aroma.
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  • Components: Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (11 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.23 out of 5 stars
Rich, Sweet & Creamy smoke
March 29, 2018
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
My first bowl was really sweet, rich, thick and creamy smooth. Very mild. I picked up slight hints of caramel, but not as much as I would have liked. No particular flavor stood out, but I can say that it is just a good tasting sweet aromatic smo... Read More
Amazing Smoke
March 15, 2020
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
After being a pretentious snob for years and avoiding aromatics like the plague I have come to find out I quite like them and so I've been on a mission to try a large variety. This one has a tin aroma of caramel sweetness with a hint of fruit compote... Read More
My favorite new mild aromatic
September 05, 2018
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
In my first order to SmokingPipes I figured I better start with a mild aromatic. Danish Black was the best of 3 great mild aromatics I tried. Love its scent, notes, and taste. Definitely worth trying an ounce.
April 27, 2018
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black 2 oz
It wasnt as good as I thought it would be. Didnt taste anything. Might give it another try down the road though. It did smell okay. Update: I actually like it now. Something about it makes me comeback.
August 09, 2020
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
This is one of those aromatics that is hard to describe the actual room note and flavor I get. Its not one i would wanna smoke all day or every day. However, it is one that I crave and want to keep a jar of. It's a zero bite kinda smoke for me with ... Read More
Good aromatic
January 16, 2020
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
A nice smoking Danish Black Cavendish. Both the fruit note and the caramel come through nicely, not to much of either. The aroma is great and it burns cool with no bite.
Might as well smoke BCA
April 12, 2018
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
This tastes a WHOLE lot like Lane BCA...just not as good. Especially not as good as a mix of 1Q and BCA. This isn't's just not great or better than other cavendishes with the same flavor profile. It has less flavor, the flavor is less pronou... Read More
A Mild, Smooth & Silky Smoke
January 31, 2018
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black 2 oz
To be honest, I ordered this tobacco because it was on sale and when I received it and smoked a bowl of it, I was OK with my choice. Everything about this tobacco is mild. I mean mild nicotine, mild flavor and mild room note. It is a good late nigh... Read More
Quality Cavendish
July 24, 2016
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
I smoke this often straight but also use this Cavendish in a few of my own blends. High quality Virginia is used to create this tobacco. Get a sample and try for yourself. I highly recommend!!! Smooth smoke from start to finish with no bite.
Great flavor
July 29, 2015
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
This has a nice sweet taste and flavor. fruit mix with a little bit oak cask whisky, caramel and mild mellow. a bit bite but not bad. I have never smoked like this great Cavendish before. Very recommendable.
Newminster - No.47 Danish Black
October 05, 2013
Product: Newminster No.47 Danish Black Bulk
Newminster - No.47 Danish Black; Star Rating = 5.00; Rating Scores - 10 is the Best and 0 is the Worst; Pouch Note = 10; Room Note = 10; Flavor = 9; Bite = 9; Burn = 10; After Taste = 10; Raw Score = 58; Rated Percentage = 97%; Comment = V... Read More
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