Sutliff: Duke Albert

Product Number: 005-443-0098

A ribbon-cut mixture of medium strength, Sutliff's Duke Albert is a Burley and Cavendish blend with sweet overtones and a smoky, all-day disposition made to match the original Prince Albert mixture.

Room Note:
  • Components: Burley, Virginia
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (7 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.14 out of 5 stars
The Duke is a Prince
February 18, 2020
Product: Sutliff Duke Albert Bulk
I really like this match of Prince Albert. It's become my go to smoke around the garage and yard when I'm working. It that good smoke to puff on without having to think or analyze what I'm smoking.
This Duke is a King
March 08, 2021
Product: Sutliff Duke Albert Bulk
Great Burley & Virginia blend that burns cool & satisfies with a great tobacco flavor & aroma. IMHO, it’s not truly a match for the Prince ... but me thinks it’s better. When you get tired of the hoopla of the boutique blends ... settle d... Read More
Good Stuff
July 22, 2020
Product: Sutliff Duke Albert Bulk
Not identical to its namesake, of course, but here in my palace even a Duke rates as royalty. Can stand in for the Prince rather admirably. Possibly nuttier, but I have no world-class palate. Both my thumbs are up - and that's just the tobacco - f... Read More
Nice one
March 15, 2020
Product: Sutliff Duke Albert Bulk
A nice, sweet, slow burning blend of coarse and ribbon cut components. Regardless it's namesake, it's a good smoke and maybe better than the other Albert. Pleasurably sweet and tasty without bite and plenty of rich smoke, it's a fine all around blen... Read More
Enjoyable Burley blend
April 09, 2021
Product: Sutliff Duke Albert Bulk
Arrives somewhat wet and a bit goopy on the fingers. The tobacco is medium to long ribbon cut. Bag aromas of chocolate and nuts. Some booze is detected as well. The pack is easy. I prefer to smoke it still somewhat moist and pack it in clumps while... Read More
A Trip Down Memory Lane
March 03, 2021
Product: Sutliff Duke Albert Bulk
I smoked the original Prince for a number of years in the 70's. As soon as I opened the bag it brought back memories. It may not be an exact match, but close enough for me.
The Duke is better than the Prince
August 07, 2020
Product: Sutliff Duke Albert Bulk
Great match, except I find it more appealing. Higher quality Tobacco than Prince Albert