Sutliff: Match Victorian

Product Number: 005-443-0107

Zesty Virginias and Perique go into this ribbon-cut Match Victorian from Sutliff, making for a charming nod to the legendary Murray's Mixture formerly called Elizabethan Match.

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  • Components: Perique, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (15 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.73 out of 5 stars
Luciferian match
August 20, 2018
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
This is the most awful arorubbish That I did suffer in many years.What on earth are smoking reviewers who call "this2 a vaper.A shame and a smear over the glorious name of Dunhill Elisabethan Mixture or the most humble but honest virginia-periqu... Read More
Delicious Va/Per
July 04, 2018
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
I tend to be a little wary of Sutliff blends containing Perique ever since my experience with SPC Deception Pass. The few and only Sutliff blends I tried that contain Perique have a powerful acidic/vinegar note when fresh. Sometimes, as was the ca... Read More
Hell that was nice!
February 19, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
Well, Im in the camp of those who didnt try neather the original version nor the recent Dunhill one. Pouch aroma was nice and mellow, didnt get the hay like essense which usualy familiar with verginias - the perique was the dominant one. i smelled fr... Read More
Every day smoke
January 06, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
I have never thought of it looks like Elizabethan Mixture from Dunhill. It's just an excellent tobacco that I smoke with great pleasure every day.
A good match for elizabethan
June 29, 2018
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
I don't have much expectations from this blend at first. But when I reached midbowl in my oldenkot traditionale bulldog, things took a beautiful change. The Virginia's showed it's zest and grassiness, perique is just right and a very enjoyable smoke.... Read More
The perfect all day VA/Per
December 19, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
This blend is what Elizabethan dreams to be when it grows up. It's an easy smoker, flavorful, but doesnt require a sit down with contemplation. Through the bowl, I get the great Virginia's, with the plummy perique, and they play together very well. ... Read More
December 17, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
January 14, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
Welcome Surprise
January 04, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
There are three versions of Elizabethan; Murray's, Dunhill's and Sutliff's. This match is supposed to be similar to Marry's version, not Dunhills. That said, if you're looking for a Dunhill match, look elsewhere. Appearance: The cut is a large r... Read More
VaPer, Not a match
January 03, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
If you don't think of this as a match, it's a very solid blend. Never think of any "match" as a match to the specified blend. If you do, you will always be disappointed.
August 17, 2018
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
É un buon VaPer ma non trovo molta somiglianza con l'Elizabethan.
Furthest thing from a VaPer
April 04, 2020
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
Quite disappointing. Also those black tobaccos you see are Black Cavendish not Perique.
Solid Vaper
December 30, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
A bit moist upon arrival, some dry time needed but not much. Vinegar on the aroma mixed with some zesty Virginia and figgy perique. The initial flavour is spicy perique and some lemony Virginia’s. As the bowl progresses the Virginia’s stay lemony but... Read More
Very nice all day va-per
April 09, 2019
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
I have not smoked Murray's mixture so I will not judge this as a match to something. I do not like all day blends but this is mine. More precisely this is my work horse. When i am in doubt about what tobacco should I smoke, or if I work around the h... Read More
Different... but very good!
October 05, 2018
Product: Sutliff Match Victorian Bulk
Beware this is not a match made to the current iteration of EM, this is a match to the old Murray's blend. I find it to have a little more flavor in all area's than the current version. It's a little more figgy/fruity and just slightly more citrusy t... Read More
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