Sutliff: Pumpkin Spice

Product Number: 005-443-0069

Diverse pumpkin flavored products such as ice cream, cheesecake and beer are seasonally produced, so it stands to reason there should be a pumpkin flavored pipe tobacco. Sutliff's Pumpkin Spice is a tasty mixture of Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish, destined to become a holiday favorite.
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  • Components: Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (19 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.00 out of 5 stars
Darkened sugar, squash, little mild spice, pop of cinnamon, and traditional aromatic overtone - really pretty good.
July 25, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
[Tin/bag - Faint sweetness of darker sugar and some allspice, netmeg? aftershave of old men? rootbeer? not catching any pumpkin, but I am not a pumpkin connoisseur. Faint and brief whiff of old shoe leather. Little sticky on the fingers. Very moi... Read More
Taste of November
June 28, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Love the flaver, smooth and stays pretty cool reminds me of thanksgiving. For enytime of the year. Just to make it feel like fall. Will buy again soon
An Interesting Autumnal Aromatic
October 25, 2019
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
It came a little wet and goopy and smelled strongly of rum to me, but it lit easily and burned well, offering sweetness and autumnal spice like a pumpkin pie. A very interesting autumnal aromatic.
The one pumpkin flavored item I enjoy
December 28, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
This smells like spicy autumn. There's a nutty flavor, but mostly kind of a spiced vanilla. It is just interesting enough to not be bland, and just bland enough to not be a gross overflavored mess.
What's not to Love
July 30, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
So often pipe smokers look down on aromatics that are more about the topping than the tobacco, but this is one smoke that makes me say so what? Who would have guessed that the nation would go crazy for pumpkin spice coffee doughnuts and everything el... Read More
Chick Magnet
April 29, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Your house will smell like a Starbucks in the suburbs during fall. Not really my thing, but my female friends seriously go batty for the stuff. Excellent dessert smoke.
Not my favorite
March 19, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
I really thought this would be my holy grail but there is something that doesn't agree with me, i think its a mint or menthol... I do like the tobacco itself just not the topping, smells good and smokes glacially cool but not for me....
One of my favorites
March 05, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Sutliff is quickly becoming my preferred choice for aromatics and Pumpkin Spice is, without question, one of the sweetest blends I have ever smoked. From start to finish, this one delivers just what you would expect - and then some.
Pretty good
February 27, 2018
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
This was a nice change of pace. It seemed to have a fair amount of aroma. I didn't notice a lot of flavor, which is probably better than too much pumpkin. Overall this seems like it could be a good seasonal blend.
Great Seasonal
December 26, 2017
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Great for cold weather smoke! Would buy again!
Fall is in the air.
October 25, 2017
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Fantastic aromatic. So mild you can inhale if you choose. Great taste, and so easy to smoke. And smokes very well. Would buy again easly.
October 21, 2017
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
despite what every one says it does not taste like pumpkin spice, its taste is more of a after taste, and is so soft you can hardly taste it at all. smells good, not o much pumpkin spice, but a soft pumpkin smell to it. but its not what every one sa... Read More
Nice Spice
October 20, 2017
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
This was a really pleasing smoke with a pleasant pumpkin bread smell that filled the room and a spicy taste that complemented the room note. Usually I cannot even smell the room note unless I go out and then back in. In this case, one of my neighbor'... Read More
When theres frost on the pumpkin...
September 15, 2017
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Honestly, wasn't sure what to expect with this one, but I figured it was worth the gimmick try with Fall upon us. The outside of the bag had a very pleasant spiced smell. Though, the inside bag note was indiscernable and a but confusing. Packed a 1/4... Read More
Lives Up To It's Name
July 07, 2017
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Very good blend. Smells terrific and tastes consistent with the smell of the tobacco. Nice room note with this one. Perfect for any fall day or evening. I'll order more soon.
Seasonal Aromatic for the every day smoke
June 13, 2017
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Spicy and pleasing... great with a cup of coffee in the afternoon...
Pumpkin Fix
November 22, 2016
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Delivers its spice content in a robust volume. Enjoyable with a seasonal fun factor in taste & room aroma. Pouch note is terrific. Mixes naturally with Sutliff J4 Mild Burley (50/50), if you want to tone down the pumpkin a tad.
December 03, 2014
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
A good tobacco who taste really the pumpkin pie. A must for the cold season. Better when smoked slowly.
Excellent smoke
September 29, 2014
Product: Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Bulk
Very good smoke, my new favorite. Will buy a big bag in a couple days i think, thanks!
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