Sutliff: Archduke Ferdinand 1.5oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-442-0041

Though most widely known for having been shot, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a real person, and thus had an actual life before and beyond his often brief mention in high school textbooks. The complexities of royal lineage led to Franz backing into his position as heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and the complexities of politics spelled his death. A complex character himself, he was described as wild for the hunt and well-traveled, casting a dark shadow amongst the foppishness of Austrian high society at the time, stormy in temperament yet morally earnest, with an ambition to strengthen the position of the central throne not by tightening down, but by rendering the empire's various nationalities greater autonomy; his final words, with a bullet in his neck, were a plea to his mortally wounded wife to live for their children.

With all that complexity behind a single name, what was Sutliff to do but create a complex blend: a vanilla aromatic mixture derived from the just-right combination of seven different sub-blends.

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  • Components: Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
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3.50 out of 5 stars
Very Pleasant
April 05, 2017
Product: Sutliff Archduke Ferdinand 1.5oz
Tin note is very good, sweet and dark. A bit too moist out of the tin and the first bowl was a tad goopey as a result. The next bowl's worth was dried on the lid for two minutes (long enough to make k-cup coffee) and was excellent. Going for a walk i... Read More
Weaker than others
January 08, 2017
Product: Sutliff Archduke Ferdinand 1.5oz
This blend while mellow is weaker than other Sutliff mixtures as it comes to taste. As you would expect from Sutliff this is a good smoking mellow aromatic but less flavor than....say Barbados Plantation.
So Mellow
November 20, 2016
Product: Sutliff Archduke Ferdinand 1.5oz
I think that I read somewhere that this particular blend isn't going to be around for very much longer. Or that it is no longer in production. Whether this means for the season or forever is beyond me although...This blend is very, VERY intricate. I ... Read More
Very pleasant.
June 26, 2016
Product: Sutliff Archduke Ferdinand 1.5oz
I enjoyed this tin probably more than I was expecting to. Other than Mountain Pass I would say this is my favorite from Sutliff.
March 27, 2016
Product: Sutliff Archduke Ferdinand 1.5oz
Despite the grandiose name, this was a pleasant discovery. Whatever the 7 tobaccos are, they are well crafted, with good burn rate and flavor. Went through the tin rather quickly and will reorder again.