Sutliff: CD Blend 1.5oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-442-0006

Sutliff's CD Blend is a remarkable cure-all for smoking nostalgia. Burley, Virginia, Latakia Flake, and Perique combine to provide that old time flavor, taking one back to a time when tobacco was coarser cut and less moist. Pipe Smoking was in its heyday, as the numerous smoking scenes from 30's and 40's movies will attest.
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  • Components: Virginia, Latakia, Perique, Burley
  • Family: Burley
  • Cut: Ribbon
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3.33 out of 5 stars
Very Nice
April 03, 2016
Product: Sutliff CD Blend 1.5oz
If you're looking for Country Doctor , this is the closest you'll ever get . It's " Old School " and the aroma is off the map ! It's a bit lighter than the original but it captures the overall character of it quite well . Of the Private Sto... Read More
Rx from County Doctor
April 03, 2015
Product: Sutliff CD Blend 1.5oz
Excellent replacement for the legendary County Doctor blend.
Top Dressing Blend
February 24, 2015
Product: Sutliff CD Blend 1.5oz
The tin note is a floral bouquet. The tobacco is in large cut pieces and was very hard to pack, like little rolls of leaf. The smoke note was disgusting as it was like packing a flower and smoking it. The virginias are not present, the latakia is ver... Read More