Sutliff: Maple Shadows 8oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-442-0082

Sutliff's Maple Shadows is a limited-release, seasonal blend inspired by the eerier aspects of the Fall season. The blend is a rich and complex aromatic mixture of Black Cavendish and Dark-Fired Kentucky topped with sweet maple notes, creating a smooth smoking experience redolent with earthy spice and subtle sweetness.

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  • Components: Dark Fired Kentucky, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
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4.17 out of 5 stars
Interesting smoke
October 19, 2023
Product: Sutliff Maple Shadows 8oz
I’m no expert on identifying flavors-casings, top notes, etc.-and that’s because I typically shy away from aromatics like liberals shy away from the unmasked. As an almost exclusive VaPer snob, I will say this blend is a nice change of pace. It’s not... Read More
You had me at Dark Fired Kentucky
October 21, 2023
Product: Sutliff Maple Shadows 8oz
The maple note it light and allows the base leaf to shine and intermingled with the maple notes in a delightful way. Autumn Evening is more maple and the Red Virginia doesn't get to share the stage the way the Dark Fired Kentucky does with Maple Shad... Read More
Great Fall Smoke
October 20, 2023
Product: Sutliff Maple Shadows 8oz
This is a nice change of pace and a great smoke when it's cool outside. The maple flavoring is present at the beginnings but seems to fade a little over half way. It has a pleasing aroma. It's not an all day smoke as it is a little on the strong side... Read More
Quality leaf aromatic
October 22, 2023
Product: Sutliff Maple Shadows 8oz
Sutliff has clearly used a higher quality leaf for this blend than the standard aromatic you might find in their portfolio or others. Tin note is very light maple and a hint of sweetness, not much else. Standard ribbon cut of approximately 75-80% lig... Read More
Great aromatic that they should make a regular option
December 28, 2023
Product: Sutliff Maple Shadows 8oz
Honestly, I was worried with such a huge tin, that it wouldn't hold up over time. I've had 1.75oz aromatic tins open for a month that lost flavor by the end. I've been dipping in every day for the last two months and I am just now halfway through the... Read More
Very disappointing. Lifeless
November 20, 2023
Product: Sutliff Maple Shadows 8oz
Maple Shadows is a perfect name for this mix. I'm a sucker for "limited release" cans. There is just a shadow of flavor and aroma when smoking it. It feels like a bait-and-switch. It smells great in the can but is tasteless with little ... Read More