Sutliff: Pipe Force Episode II 1.75oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-442-0087

Sutliff's Pipe Force is a limited-edition series crafted by Danish master blender Per Georg Jensen. A bold, innovative series, Pipe Force draws on its science-fiction inspiration to push tobacco blends into new frontiers by utilizing rare tobaccos and unique curing techniques.

Like previous entries in the Pipe Force series, Pipe Force Episode II features specialty stoved tobaccos — in this case, stoved Virginias and stoved Katerini, both of which add body and complexity to the blend. Bright and Red Virginias provide further character to the mixture, alongside Latakia and Katerini Perique. A balanced, flavorful English blend, Pipe Force Episode II is presented in cake format.

Note: Only 7,500 tins were produced for this limited run, and one in every 10 tins contains a collectible challenge coin emblazoned with the blend's character-driven tin art.

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4.20 out of 5 stars
P.F. Episode. II
June 24, 2024
Product: Sutliff Pipe Force Episode II 1.75oz
Packs well. Burns great.White ash all the way to the bottom. Med nic - Pepper at the end. I like it. I did not get a coin 😰.
Thank you Sergeant Kimble!
June 28, 2024
Product: Sutliff Pipe Force Episode II 1.75oz
The tin note is fruity,grassy,smoky,floral and earthy.A nice and easy to prepare crumble cake with perfect moisture content.Easy to lit and burns cool throughout the bowl without any bite. A very good stoved Virginia based blend with the Latakia and... Read More
June 26, 2024
Product: Sutliff Pipe Force Episode II 1.75oz
Great English, very sweet and mellow. Delightful on the retrohale. The katerini perique is a hit. Glad I grabbed a few tins, no coin on my first open : (
Leaves little dampness in the bowl
July 14, 2024
Product: Sutliff Pipe Force Episode II 1.75oz
Deeply rich and nuanced, it burns cool, clean and a tad slow with a very tangy, stewed fruity sweet, herbal, smoky, moderately floral, spicy, zesty, savory flavor that extends to the pleasantly lingering after taste.
What were they smoking?
July 05, 2024
Product: Sutliff Pipe Force Episode II 1.75oz
Smoked it in a brand new Missouri Meerschaum. Tin note was pure peat smoke. Consistency was like trying to get craisins in a bowl. Hard to light. Did not stay lit. Burned unevenly. The flavor was 60% smoky and 40% oaky. No other notes in it. I have n... Read More