Sutliff: R-Blend 1.5oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-442-0004

If you've ever smoked a blend and then made a guessing game about the flavoring ingredients, then Sutliff's complex R-Blend might appeal to you. Better yet, smoke this mild and mellow blend with fellow pipe smokers to see if a consensus can be reached as to the flavors. To compound the issue, seven distinct flavors are present, yet none dominate or are readily identifiable. The base is an equally complex mixture of Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Perique and Flake.

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4.67 out of 5 stars
Very Good!
March 28, 2015
Product: Sutliff R-Blend 1.5oz
I don't often smoke English blends due to the fact some are like putting a country ham in your pipe. Too much Latakia in some of those out there, but this one is a perfect balance of the tobaccos used in this blend. It's smooth, a little smokey, swee... Read More
Good stuff !
June 19, 2013
Product: Sutliff R-Blend 1.5oz
Light but good flavor, mellow, soft, good smell, light but good after taste, burns well, no bite. 8/10
Tasty Retrospective
June 14, 2013
Product: Sutliff R-Blend 1.5oz
Sadly, R-Blend has been discontinued. That is a sad loss; this was my very favorite of the Sutliffs that I tried. I think it was a bad decision on their part. This was a really good tobacco. Nevertheless, here is my original A+ review: R-Ble... Read More