Amphora: Amphora Sampler

Product Number: 003-274-0008

Amphora's Sampler pack consists of five distinct Amphora blends:

  • Kentucky Blend— A harmonious blend that combines a larger proportion of dark-fired Kentucky with high-grade Virginia tobaccos that balance and naturally sweeten the bold flavor of the finest quality Kentucky and is based on over 150 years of tobacco blending.
  • Virginia Blend— A blend that combines straight Virginias from Brazil, Zambia and the U.S., then utilizes a heat pressed blending method to marry the flavors together for a mellow, balanced smoke.
  • Burley Blend— A mix of Burley and Virginia leaf with just a hint of dark-fired Kentucky for increased sweetness and spice.
  • Special Reserve Black Cavendish— A blend that mixes a special, double-fermented black Cavendish with added Virginia for a slight citrus flavor and some Burley for a hint of nuttiness.
  • English Blend— A blend that provides a spicy, earthy, and well-balanced smoke through a mix of Latakia, Oriental, and Virginia tobaccos.

Whether you're looking to expand your tobacco palate or are curious about trying a new family of tobacco, Amphora's Sampler pack is an ideal choice for the price.

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What a great deal!
April 25, 2020
Product: Amphora Amphora Sampler
You really can’t go wrong with the Amphora sampler pack. 5 great tobaccos for an affordable price!
Old Freinds
January 17, 2020
Product: Amphora Amphora Sampler
I don't know about the new Amphoras but I will get around to trying them. I purchased a pouch of Original and Full Aroma with my last order. Boy! They took me back. Amphora used to be as common as air. You could get Amphora at any grocery or drug sto... Read More
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