Butera: Pelican 2oz

Product Number: 003-010-0009

Here Butera has combined portions of the most rare Cyprian Latakia, Turkish, Orientals, and prime grade Virginias to give Pelican a sweet and yet zesty taste.

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  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Ribbon
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3.86 out of 5 stars
Some pipe smokers cellar too much.
July 22, 2018
Product: Butera Pelican 2oz
I'm using this review to rant a bit not just about Pelican, but also Balkan Sobranie, any of the Esoterica blends, any that are hard to get in the States more than once in a while like Sam Gawith and Hoggarth et al, Germains, etc. Some of you cellar ... Read More
Magical Blend
June 13, 2020
Product: Butera Pelican 2oz
The individual components in this blend are each top notch and together...oh wow, what a magical unicorn blend. I fear I will never have another tin again.
Excellent mild english.
July 25, 2015
Product: Butera Pelican 2oz
Way too hard to find, but the only one of the hard to find blends I've tried that actually is worth trying for. Fills a void for a nice mild all day english with noticeable oriental notes.
The Attraction of Obscurity.
February 26, 2018
Product: Butera Pelican 2oz
Just finished up with a tin of Germain's Pelican from 2013. Initially I was totally disappointed by it and thought it tasted no better than a Camel Turkish Royal cigarette, the Latakia was barely detectable but that could possibly be from it being 4 ... Read More
Great English
April 04, 2017
Product: Butera Pelican 2oz
People that review this blend try to down play what a phenomenal smoke it is. Nice try guys!
Nothing special
November 22, 2013
Product: Butera Pelican 2oz
A very earthy pungent tobacco. Reminds me of some of the Esoterica tobaccos like Margate.
Light English blend
September 24, 2013
Product: Butera Pelican 2oz
Very mild blend with notes of citrus. The orientals play the leading role followed by the Virginia's. maybe some drying time will help coax out the latakia but I haven't noticed any in the blend so far.
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