Comoy's: Cask No.7 3.5oz

Product Number: 003-015-0010

A broad coin-cut flake, Comoy's Cask No.7 wraps a mix of Virginias and pure Perique around a dark center of smooth Black Cavendish, topped with a slight aromatic.

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  • Components: Black Cavendish, Perique, Virginia
  • Cut: Coins
  • Family: Virginia
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4.39 out of 5 stars
I do not taste any sauce, which is a good thing...not exactly LBF imo
October 20, 2013
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
I have just tried the cask #7 for the first time this week, wondering if, by the description, it was just P. Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake (with or w/o sauce/topping) in different packaging. If there is a "slight aromatic topping" as sug... Read More
Great Virginia/Perique
September 25, 2019
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
I bought some about one and a half years ago and have been aging most of it. Cask #7 has wonderful citrusy flavor with raisin, plum, and dark fruit. It has a nice smooth sweetness to it, and nice subtle spiciness. I have one pipe dedicated for Va/per... Read More
So Good
April 15, 2014
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
Cask no. 7 is pretty much the only tobacco I smoke. I like flake and have tried a few. And have tried a few coin cut tobaccos. Cask no. 7 is by far the best I've encountered so far. I have a growing stash of it and rarely indulge in anything else. Hi... Read More
똑같은맛을 느껴보려면Luxury Bullseye Flake와같다
October 04, 2017
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
같은태생인 쌍둥이형제를 만나는것같은 연초인 Luxury Bullseye Flake 였다. 방금 한볼하고 난다음 곧바로 Luxury Bullseye Flake 곧바로 다시시도했다. 역시나 블랙카벤디쉬와 페릭과 버지니아의 같은조합을 이루어서인지 절대지루함을 느끼게하지않는 연초임은 틀림없다 -by계란반숙-
Great Bullseye
July 23, 2016
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
Smokes smooth with no bite. Good quality Virginias and the complexity of this blend is spot on!!! Stuff 2 of these into your next smoke. Ask for a sample, you will not be disappointed. I aged mine for 90 days before trying.
March 12, 2021
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
这是我的第一次评论。 第一次品尝它,我认为它很寡淡,但是当我多次品尝过后,我确定这是款优秀的vp,微甜的口感,难以形容却又美妙的烟雾,烟草虽然湿度不错,但燃烧稳定,且难得的底部味道友好。
December 26, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
June 07, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
March 14, 2019
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
一片一斗 终身拥有!
March 14, 2019
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
一片一斗 终身拥有!
Richness of Coins!!
November 02, 2013
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
This Va/Per blended coin-cut blend is rich with the combination of a Virginia's subtle sweetness and the slight spice of Perique, but don't be detered by the description of "Black Cavendish" in the mix, for this is definitely NOT an aromati... Read More
October 24, 2021
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
Uno de mis favotitos esas pequeñas y sabrosas monedas se dejan fumar con tranquilidad sin dejar un amarre en su lengua. Echo para novatos tambien
Down to the last few coins
July 26, 2021
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
I should have bought more. It was delicious when fresh. It got even better with a year of age and, in the last few months, it has become something I look forward to smoking. Alas, I have been unable to find any available for the last year. I'm hopefu... Read More
April 19, 2021
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
I smoked this. I like the way it tasted. I will buy more when it is back in stock. If you are unfamiliar with this style, it’s essentially a sweet burley that has been pressed to meld flavors. Get you some.
delicioso, perfecto
April 17, 2021
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
Esto es bueno dulce natural humo rico y cremoso lamento que solo compre uno.
Best of the medallions
February 07, 2021
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
I ordered every popular medallion tobacco and chose this as the best one. I will admit to being a perique freak which this delivers but the slight topping and or the smooth cavendish bullseye soften out the perique just right. I wouldn’t notice the t... Read More
Not Bad
November 21, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
IMO this is a pretty good smoke. Tastes great, burns normal, smells great. Leaves a sort of ashtray after taste but it doesn't last long in the mouth. It can be an all day smoke if you like this sort of thing. For me the sampler bag was enough to sq... Read More
All “Baguette Et Vin Rouge”
October 07, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
I feel like this easily-smokable blend is the first cousin, or even the sibling of Escudo Luxury Navy Flake. The coins in the tin, and rubbed out and smoked, both smell of a crusty wheat baguette and red wine. But more baguette than wine. This stands... Read More
Great coins
August 06, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
Really nice. Perfect moisture content. Nice tasting Virginias with a hint of raisin in the background. Hits a little harder in the nicotine department than Luxury bullseye flake and better tasting. Overall great tobacco
I'm a fan.
April 01, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
Bought this many times, and failed to write a review. The Cavendish adds a little bit more sweetness along with the Virginia. Although the Perique is not lost with the sweetened mix. It's well balanced. And a good smoke.
Overall, a nice satisfying smoke!
January 09, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
I received this tobacco on Christmas Eve. I filled my Dunhill bowl with it after dinner and lit it up. My first impression was that it is a bit bland for me. However, as I continued smoking while sipping on black coffee, I detected flavors of raisi... Read More
Its good
January 04, 2020
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
If you are a Virginia lover, don't be scared of the topping in the description. I do not detect it.
Escudo who???
December 30, 2019
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
Just started out in the Virginia and VaPers world and asked inline for people to reccomend a few of course I got the who's who of blends told to me and this one was left out. Picked up a tin on a whim and packed a bowl after about 15 minutes of dryin... Read More
Great smoke
December 10, 2019
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 3.5oz
I really like this tobacco. The coins are nice, moisture is perfect. There is a tiny bit of sweetness that creeps in on occasion. The Virginia is sweet grass and hay, the perique is subtle. Just a great smoke. I reach for it almost nightly. 2 coins... Read More
Good taste
August 20, 2019
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
Seems more tasty after second smoke. Don’t rely on the first impression.
I'll need to come back to this as my palate evolves
December 28, 2018
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
There's a bit of spice, the cavendish really gives sweetness when you hit it, but compared to the strong aroma it feels bland. I enjoy it well enough, but it didn't do much for me. Though I will definitely want to revisit this as it ages and my tas... Read More
Great coin tobacco
March 04, 2016
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
Roll up a couple of these coins and stuff them in any pipe and you've got a good smoke, great for relaxation, contemplation, meditation, etc. A bit more complex than a straight Va flake, but that's good at times. And it just gets better with age! ... Read More
High price!
December 16, 2013
Product: Comoy's Cask No.7 Bulk
Bovine categories flake, very good tobacco, the quality is very good (hard), sunflower paste cake taste, ha ha ha! High price! The resurrection of the comoy, I very much like to have a look, persistent after effect!!! Look forward to...