Cornell & Diehl: Byzantium

Product Number: 005-459-0008

An intriguing interpretation of the classic Balkan. Redolent of Latakia, Orientals, and bracing Perique, Byzantium is an alluring companion for flights of the imagination to exotic lands.
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  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Perique
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (28 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.05 out of 5 stars
Pure English Goodness
May 04, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
I tried this originally because I'm a fan of Mississippi Mud, and I was sold with my first bowl. It has a good rich flavor, without any artificial or sugary burn, and is fills the room with a good, old-fashioned scent that even my non-smoking wife en... Read More
Interesting Change of Pace
January 24, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium 2oz
The absence of Virginia leaf makes this a nice change of pace for the traditional English/Scottish smoker.
Bold and delicious
December 01, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium 2oz
This is a fantastic blend. If you enjoy strong, full-flavored blends that are heavy in spice tobaccos, this will surely satisfy. The lack of Virginias reduces the brightness and bite that sometimes occurs and keeps it cool and smoky throughout. I tru... Read More
Luxuriant !
February 05, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
I find Byzantium most luxurious, rich, bold and flavorful.It is not sweet, fruity or tangy but instead rich,mild and satisfying. It is an excellent end of the day wind down smoke, not that it isn't excellent any time smoke.Best of all, it has yet to ... Read More
Nice tobacco, well behaved
September 11, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium 2oz
This is a nice tobacco, I regard a well behaved tobacco as one that lights well, nice amount of smoke, doesn't bite and burns well. This hits the spot. I find the flavour like a mild English with a good flavour and when you just want a good solid smo... Read More
I love this tobacco!
January 09, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
Latakia full of body, sweetness from first to last smoke, velvety. An exceptional tobacco!
October 27, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
My first encounter with English blends was with Dunhill's blends, especially with nightcap, soon I developed a distaste for Dunhill's blends (all of them tasted similar to me), so I put away my English blends and decided to experience different blend... Read More
All day.
August 18, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium 2oz
It’s refreshing to try a tobacco like this. It’s not a traditional blend in my opinion which can add to the appreciation.
A great spicy mixture.
November 11, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
Byzantium was an ancient Greek colony in early antiquity that was later called Constantinople and much later Istanbul. Byzantium was colonized in 657 BC by the Greeks of Megara. When I smoke this tobacco, I notice a spicy mixture of an intriguing int... Read More
Very nice
August 05, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium 2oz
This is a very nice smoke. It's rich and creamy to my palate, it smokes cool with no bite. I tend to agree with a previous review in that the absence of Va is a nice change of pace.
Love it. Go to.
May 19, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
First: Reviews are subjective. One person's treasure may be another's trash. That being said, this is what I think of this blend. This is most likely the best tabacco that I have ever smoked and I have smoked a lot. This has become my number one. Wha... Read More
Loveable and Lat-Heavy
April 28, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium 2oz
A great 'craving' blend for me. More so than a regular smoke I mean. The Latakia is rich and upfront. The Oriental and Turkish play a diminished role in this one. A Lat-Lover's blend. My tin last me for nearly a year in a small jar. Now that it... Read More
My go-to tobacco
February 21, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
Because I lack the sophisticated palate (so far) that others demonstrate, let me say simply this: I like many tobaccos, and I like variety. But when I smoked this for the first time, I KNEW that I had found "my" mixture. It’s as simple as... Read More
A Fantastic Balkan
October 25, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
Heavy in smoky Latakia, fragrant orientals, and peppery perique, Byzantium was a delicious Balkan experience for a cold late autumn evening. I like to imagine this was what the Russian soldiers smoked in the snowy nighttime woods at the beginning of ... Read More
July 05, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
No idea how this tobacco got so many good reviews, but this was the worst tobacco I have ever tasted, and I do like Orientals. I tried smoking it RYO and in a pipe, both methods failed miserably.
Worth a go.
February 13, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
This is a decent English blend. I smoked up my sample without trouble. This blend just doesn't quite stand up to some of the others C&D have to offer. By no means is this a bad tobacco, just didn't sing for me. I had to dry it a little.
Oriental Goodness
February 09, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
The sweet, perfumy taste of the Orientals lasts all the way to the bottom of the bowl. It never gets overwhelmed by the Latakia in the second half, like it does in many English blends. Sweet aroma, easy smoke,'s hard to beat if you like th... Read More
Nice Tame Blend
February 07, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
This is a really good blend. the absence of Virginia tames this one down. Smokes smooth, lights well, and burns well. One of the best tasting English blends I've tried.
Contemptment in a bowl.
January 31, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
I've had some of the Big names in the Blending world and this Blend stands shoulder to shoulder with them it's a great smoke to just sit back and enjoy some quiet time with yourself.
Too complex for me
January 21, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium 2oz
I think for my taste there is just a bit too much going on. I can't put my finger on it but I do think sometimes less is more. I'll put the rest of the tin back and try it again later. For now, just not my cup of tea.
January 18, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
Tried to give it five stars system did not allow. This blend has flavor start to end. If you like Latakia than this is a must try.
Very Nice
June 14, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
I like C&D tobacco's, usually with my half pounder usual order of Winchester I usually get a couple oz's of something different. Byzantium is really good. Not hot on the tongue, a nice hint of Latakia, and goes great with a cup of coffee or iced ... Read More
February 12, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
Very good and I really enjoy the strong perique presence. There is a good amount of quality latakia and orientals in this too. Not my everyday blend but I like it in the fall and early winter a lot.
Will it grow on me?
March 15, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
While smoking this, I kept thinking of others. I believe the tobacco to be of good quality; however, it was just to much of this and zero of that, if ya catch my drift. No, it wont grow on me as a stand alone smoke... but I am gonna try blending th... Read More
Very smooth, sweet..
August 14, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
This has a good dry hit, burns for a decent amount of time. Adequately fills the lungs and nostrils with smoke. Has a very smooth sensation on the tongue, plus a creates a nice "pastey" feeling that gets one licking their lips to enjoy more of the ta... Read More
Different Kind of Blend
August 10, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
I ordered a pound of this,and I still have about 4 oz left. I find this blend a little overbearing.It does have a somewhat sweetness to it.I agree with others that this blend is more suited for after a large Dinner,later i the day.It burns well not t... Read More
A worthy blend
November 13, 2013
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
The absence of virginias, I think, is an appealing factor with this blend, which makes it fairly unique in comparison to most English style blends. Nothing inadequate, just different and quite good. I'll give it some time and if it improves even slig... Read More
Great blend
August 21, 2013
Product: Cornell & Diehl Byzantium Bulk
Strong, deep, earhty, smoky, full body and extremely satisfying. The lack of Virginia and orientals makes it less subtle, sweet and complex, but, on the other hand, it is more dense, rich and all I need when I crave some serious tobacco.
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