Cornell & Diehl: Exclusive

Product Number: 005-459-0053

The combination of red Virginias, mellow Cavendish, and a full 50% Perique make C&D's Exclusive a naturally sweet and incredibly spicy blend, perfect for the lovers of the Bayou-based tobacco.
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Cornell & Diehl: Exclusive 2oz Exclusive 2oz
  • Components: Perique, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (14 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.29 out of 5 stars
Strongest stuff on the market
May 30, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
Bought this because it's supposed to be strong, and boy is it?! After sampling it, I soon bought a whole pound. Incredibly spicy and intense, this stuff packs a heck of a punch. The nicotine is off the charts too, so if you're sensitive, beware! I fi... Read More
May 08, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
I have been on a journey to find a VaPer that is unapologetically in your face. After hearing that this blend has 50% perique I knew I must get a hold of some. I have seen many reviews say that this is more likely 30% Perique, I can tell you that it ... Read More
I was shy.
April 29, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
After reading the product description and the customer reviews, I kind of shied away from this blend. Yes, it's strong (it gives me the hiccups) but after tasting it, I ordered a pound. The wonderful flavor is worth getting the hiccups.
It is strong!
January 28, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
This is a good, strong VaPer blend. It goes great with a good cup of coffee. Considering the amount of Perique in it, it is surprisingly balanced. A good, solid occasional smoke.
The Staple
March 01, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
All I can say is that if C&D stop making this ill start a riot. Exclusive is hands down my favorite tobacco blend with the perfect balance between spices and sweet with a a nicotine hit that rivals stronger blends. Try it if you don’t love it get... Read More
Perique Center Stage
April 29, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
This is definitely one for perique lovers. It is in the VaPer family, but at 50% perique, I think it should be more aptly classified as a "PerVa". The perique is front and center in both the tin note and the taste. There is not a lot of ... Read More
Heavy Hitter
February 12, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
This is a really strong nic hit and the perique is really peppery and in your face but if you like it that way you can't go wrong with this.
Great strong blend
June 18, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
I love this blend, it's stout, atleast for me its stout. it's pretty spicy though i noticed the wider the bowl the less spicy it was which seemed odd to me. the taste is great but its not something id smoke all the time, its kind of a straight line... Read More
Exclusive is right!
May 04, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
This blend is amazing it is just what I was looking for. Strong, spicy, feels like it was made Exclusively for perique lovers, which I am. I love smoking a bowl of this at the end of a hard day. I will be putting into my weekly rotation
June 11, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
This Tobacco is as described, that explains to normal people why it was smoked by native American indians it is positively, soporific.....tranquilizing, hence, peace pipe references from day's gone by, being a PERIQUE fanatic you won't fail to be ab... Read More
Delightful Semois-like Earthiness
May 31, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
This is a wonderfully “earthy” blend. Not one I’d smoke every day, but nice to have when the mood strikes. Might try a mixture of this and a little Tabac Manil La Brumeuse to see how well they complement each other.
Strong VaPer
February 12, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
I had this years ago and it did not seem to have the advertised 50% perique. I can tell you after having gone through 2lbs of the current version it sure seems there and it has pulled up a chair let me tell ya.
To much for me.
August 24, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
When you think you love something then more the better right? I love Va/Per so why not try more Perique right? Ya well this is clearly my limmet. Strong Stuff!!!
Very strong
October 26, 2014
Product: Cornell & Diehl Exclusive Bulk
Much too strong to be smoked alone much pepper flavor
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