Cornell & Diehl: Mocha

Product Number: 005-459-0057

C&D's Mocha should appeal to the coffee lover, as well as those around you. It is half Espresso and half Dark Chocolate, a rich chocolate flavor on an all Black Cavendish base.
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Cornell & Diehl: Mocha 2oz Mocha 2oz
Cornell & Diehl: Mocha 8oz Mocha 8oz
  • Components: Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (28 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.66 out of 5 stars
Best mocha I've had
June 30, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
This is by far the best mocha I've had. Everyone's pallet is different. I definitely taste the coffee and the chocolate. I'll be buying more tins of this!
Smooth and Creamy
August 28, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
This blend makes it to my morning am rotation. Here's how to best enjoy it- brew your coffee and pack a bowl. Add cream to your coffee and light up. I've shared this with my friends and they swear by it like I do. It REALLY goes well with your favo... Read More
April 30, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
smooth & creamy the burn is slow and flavor all the way to the end. fast shipping too looking forward to buying more product from Smokingpipes!
Very good!
January 20, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
Wonderful, very very good taste. I did not smell the coffee, but yes the chocolate. I enjoy it so much.
Wonderful Mocha
November 18, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
This blend is a must have for coffee lovers or chocolate lovers or tobacco lovers. Mild no bite, smooth flavor all the way and a great aftertaste. Buy it.
July 26, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
Tin note is of mild mocha. Mild tobacco.No bite. Natural tasty mocha. Room note is of a relaxing coffee shop. Very pleasant with a cup of coffee. Good quality.Well balanced. Tastes like real mocha till the bottom of the bowl.
Chocolate lovers Dream
July 20, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 8oz
I just received my order today. I ordered this tobacco and a AKB Lee Van Cleef Meerschaum. Mind you I ordered this on Wednesday of this week. I received it today. I was also told that my USPS priority shipping was free. You can't beat Smokingpi... Read More
First time out.
January 04, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
Pretty good for a "Mocha", I say that because there are a few other Mocha's out there. That said this is a nice one, a little oily, making loading your pipe without mucking up your fingers a bit more difficult but okay after a little practi... Read More
Mocha Schmoka
October 04, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
I've experienced a lot of bite from aro's, but found C&D's Mocha to be smooth and refreshing. The room note is a wonderful deep chocolate-nutty smell and when the pipe is resting in my mouth, the Mocha flavor seeps slowly and subtly in wisps into th... Read More
Smooth Balance
November 08, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
Dry for a C & D Aro, it is ready to smoke out of the pouch. Well behaved. The flavors are true to its description with no cloying sweetness, that often sabotages this formulation in other brands.
Sweet + Excellent Service
September 27, 2013
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
After writing my review I was immediately contacted by and they had shipped a new tin. WOW. That is great customer service right there and has me sold on being their customer. What about the tobacco though? The new tin had just the... Read More
Good Blend
February 08, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
This is another good aromatic from C&D. I let it sit in a jar for a while as it was rather wet when it arrived. It has a good chocolate and coffee taste and room note. It smokes well from beginning to end. It is a mild smoke.
November 30, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
Sometimes i just like to stick my nose in the bag, close my eyes, and take a moment. well balanced, strong but totally smooth, best possible unlikely combination. not at all over done, but flavorful. a staple favorite.
Let it sit and WOW
October 13, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
When I first received this tobacco is was far too wet. Smoked it twice and had enough for a little while. Threw it in a jar with a 62% Boveda Pack. Several months later I’m smoking this and WOW. It’s not heavily aromatic, just simple bolder coffee an... Read More
Very Enjoyable
August 11, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
This is the third time I have purchased this blend and I am VERY picky. I have formed some bad pipe smoking habits ie... smoking too fast and letting the pipe get too hot. This mix does well at staying flavorful to the end.
Sticky Sweet Non-tobacco
July 28, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
This smells wonderful out of the can. However, it is extremely moist and sugar sticky. Very mild flavor and room note. I have smoked four or five bowls and it has not changed. I even started mixing it with Peterson's Irish Oak and still found it ... Read More
Good Aroma
July 11, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
This is the first "Mocha" I have tried. It is a slow burn tobacco and the aroma is great. This tobacco makes a great morning smoke with your coffee
Wettest I've Tried
February 13, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
I bought a 2oz tin of the C&D Mocha. I have never in my life experienced a wetter tobacco. The tin aroma on this is outstanding and the taste is fairly good also, but man, it is just terrible for moisture. When I start smoking this tobacco it ... Read More
Flavour Pop
January 01, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
This tobacco delivers on its tin description, however I do pick up a playdough note on the retrohale which I think is PG. I tend to stay away from any aromatic that uses it excessively.. In the end I mixed it with some other chocolate type tobaccos, ... Read More
November 24, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
I like this one. Have to dry it first, but has a nice taste and smokes well once you do. It is a mild smoke. Wouldn't suggest it if you are looking for something with a kick.
November 14, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
The scents that come out of this tobacco are that of a caramel delight and creamy chocolate. A wonderful coffee flavor but mostly the tin note.
November 11, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
I really thought I would enjoy this one a lot more than I did. I could pick up the dark chocolate, a little funky to my pallet but there. However, the "espresso" I picked up was a very odd synthetic nutty taste. I dunno if it's just me but that put ... Read More
Great blend!
October 27, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
My first tough was that this was too moist, almost like Sutliff's Molto Dolce. BUT ... I was mistaken, it is indeed a little bit too moist, but once you put it on your pipe it burns nice and clean, it will not burn your Tonge, it will never turn off ... Read More
Smooth But Expected More
December 01, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
I was excited to try this mocha but while very smooth, the chocolate/coffee flavor was too mild for me. Enjoyable but not exciting.
Ok, but nothing special
July 09, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
Found this baccy okay to smoke. Some flavor but overall weak for my palate. Likely will never order again.
Not that great!
August 04, 2015
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
My first try of this was from a free sample I had requested with an order, and it reminded me of McClellands bulk aros, not what I expected, could be the tobacco, or me as I have smoked aros for about two years of so and decided to move on to natural... Read More
Not that great
November 26, 2014
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha Bulk
And overpriced, before they put it on sale. Disappointed
Dry, Small, & Smells Soapy
September 13, 2013
Product: Cornell & Diehl Mocha 2oz
1st time I've ordered a Cornell & Diehl. I'll say that has excellent selection and I received the tobacco quickly and at a good price. Out of all the tobacco I ordered I decided to open this first and have some coffe (mocha) wi... Read More
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