Cult: Anonymous 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-734-0006

Nothing but Golden Virginia Cavendish comprises Cult's Anonymous, offering a subtle aromatic smoke that complements the creamy, citrusy notes of the Virginias with just a touch of vanilla.

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  • Components: Virginia
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
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4.22 out of 5 stars
September 18, 2022
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
I’m fairly new to pipe smoking I wasn’t sure what I liked so I just started buying everything I saw as I’m going through the different tobaccos I noticed the cult anonymous can that I bought was 10 years old it’s absolutely hands-down the best tobacc... Read More
Love at first puff
July 14, 2021
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
Currently my favorite. Light airy yet robust. Vanilla without the heavy rich vanilla most seem to favor. Burns incredibly well without going out or burning the mouth. Perfect for a hot July day. Will be picking up a bunch of this.
Kinda pleasant, i guess
March 06, 2021
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
Not really anything outstanding about it, subtle hints of vanilla, lightly grassy on the retro, but not much of anything. It's a kinda smoke you can have while you are doing something else and just forget about it, and it does burn quite well, i have... Read More
A bit of bite; Update
December 17, 2020
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
At first this seemed like a good smoke but by the third bowl I had been bitten hard. It was like someone had unleashed an army of angry red ants on my tongue. I normally smoke VaPers so I am not sure why this bit me so badly?? Maybe the transition fr... Read More
Taste is very light
November 10, 2020
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
Not bad great smoke if you just want to kill time would not buy again
July 24, 2020
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
Such a good smoke, with a great deal of sweetness, without being goopy with casings.
Nice smoke
January 31, 2019
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
This is a very nice aromatic. The tobacco is dark with a mix of light colors. The tin note is very nice. It doesn’t smell like a barn or hayride (not a bad thing at all) that is common with a Virginia. But it is is a lite aromatic that really capture... Read More
Nice light vanilla aro
January 08, 2019
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
Not a favorite it does have a nice vanilla taste faint but there but I did find a slight aftertaste that was not bad but not my thing. Mild easy going smoke to be sure.
No reviews yet?!
February 10, 2018
Product: Cult Anonymous 50g
I love this stuff! An employee at a local cigar shop recommended this blend to me, and its wonderful! No tongue bite regardless of cadence, and its extremely soft, especially in a churchwarden. Wonderful hint of vanilla in both taste and aroma.