Esoterica: Tilbury 8oz

Product Number: 003-024-0016

A harmonious blend of Golden and Dark Virginias with small portions of Burley and air-cured leaf. Matured by a special process over 100 years old, producing a unique natural aroma and piquant flavor.
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4.50 out of 5 stars
Subtile. Complex. Challenging. Rewarding.
December 10, 2016
Product: Esoterica Tilbury 8oz
This and Germain Brown Flake are my two favorite Va's. This tobacco taught me to tease a Va blend. For me this blend will taste like hot air if ignore or it will taste like a well spiced holiday pie if I pay attention to it and I do.
No Bells & Whistles...
February 26, 2018
Product: Esoterica Tilbury 8oz
A fiend of mine told me that this tobacco has no bells and whistles but it's an outstanding VaBur... I concur. This is another blend from Germain that I would consider a daily smoke if it were not for all you people buying it all up before I can get ... Read More
Out of this world
February 13, 2018
Product: Esoterica Tilbury 2oz
I only have dreams about this blend before. A friend gave me some and took me to an almost out worldly wonderful experience.
Something different
January 06, 2017
Product: Esoterica Tilbury 8oz
I normally am not a fan of burley, but the deepness of the VAs in this blend balance it really nicely
September 05, 2016
Product: Esoterica Tilbury 2oz
I have smoked a few virginas in my time and I find myslef reaching for it quite a bit. I put it back for another blend frequently as I dont want to run out as I only have the one tin and it doesnt come around much. Hope I can afford a few more tins ... Read More
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