G. L. Pease: Triple Play 2oz

Product Number: 003-029-0073

Ripe red and bright flue-cured tobaccos are joined by piquant Acadian Perique and a balanced measure of smoky dark-fired kentucky for G. L. Pease's Triple Play. The leaf is pressed and matured in cakes before being cut into 2oz bars, resulting in a bold blend for Virginia and Perique fans. This all-American plug is a winning play, no matter how you slice it.
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G. L. Pease: Triple Play 8oz Triple Play 8oz
  • Components: Dark Fired Kentucky, Perique, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Plug
Customer Reviews (21 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.45 out of 5 stars
A Step above Jackknife plug!
March 16, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
A little more going for it than Jackknife plug, the perique adds an extra dimension, a little spicier than Jackknife plug, close to Haddos Delight, which would kick it up a notch, but if you want to turn it up full blast, try Sixpence!
조합이 아주잘된연초
April 26, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 8oz
다크파이어드와 페릭,그리고 버지니아의 조합이 아주적잘하다. 묵직함의 다크파이어드가 무겁게느끼지않는다. 그리고 버지니아의 단맛이 너무과할까 페릭을 조합해서인지 아주 잘만든 비빔밥을 먹는것같다. 플러그형태보다는 강한케익에 가깝다. 자르기좋고 재워서 불도잘붙어 즐기기 아주좋다. 데일리연초라해도 괜찮다 생각한다.
강하지만 정말 매력있는 연초
April 03, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 8oz
일단 초보자나 공복시에는 추천안한다 나코틴펀치가 나도모르게 슥~하고 온다 나는 펀치가 오기전에 전조증상이있다. 시원하지않은 하품이 나오기시작한다. 조금펴봤다는 나도 오는데 조심들하라. 하지만 처음에는 살짝달큰한 버지니아의단맛이 곧온다. 전체적으로 불이다붙으니 듸따라오는 끈적한질감의맛이느껴진다. 카라멜먹고나면 입안이 살짝 끈쩍해지는 맛과느낌! 플러그이지만 손으로잦이겨도 될정도의 단단함이다. 여느플러그보다는 너무 부드럽다. 습기와 진득함이... Read More
Tangy Burley
March 25, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
Being a die-hard Burley lover, and one who basically smokes only C&D blends (Burley Flake #1 in particular), it was joyous for me to find Triple Play. Smoking it I detected a similar profile to C&D Burley Flake #1, which is a blend of dark Bu... Read More
One of the Best VA-Pers I've Found
November 25, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
I enjoy fiddling and thus flakes and cakes are one of my favorite types of tobacco forms to smoke, Yes, you need a sharp knife--I use a CRKT folder dedicated to my cake tobaccos. I cut on a piece of hardwood as well. These obviously go in my kit ... Read More
June 06, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
It maybe not as beautifuly pressed and cut as some English plugs, but it sure is a strong spicy tobacco. The problem I had with strong tobaccos has always been the same: I can’t taste them well enough because of that mouth feel, but triple play is ve... Read More
plug to tinker with
January 18, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
Found this intense and a bit strong for my liking. However, once I stored in wooden container and humidified, this added a mellowness to the blend. The leaves can be flattened out or cut and the flavour profile changes. Now smooth and nice, esp. in a... Read More
Home run
May 12, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
This is a very nice and well balanced blend. The Perique, Virginias, and Dark Fired Kentuckys all work beautifully together. Its sweet, smooth, and easy smoking with no bite.
play ball!
January 08, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 8oz
good strength.cutting flakes must be an art.i,m no artist unfortunately some times i manage to get it. other times i,m left with a bowl of chunks as hard to light as can be. many matches later i manage a puff or so.maybe a ready rubbed version for th... Read More
October 12, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 8oz
I really love this tobacco - I enjoyed Jack Knife Plug however find the flavour with Triple Play richer, brighter with a touch more spice.
My new go-to
February 25, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
This is the best smoke I've had so far. Perfect mix of flavoring, cool burning tobacco. I will have shelves full of this in the future.
قمة الاسترخاء
February 22, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
انها اول مره اجرب فيها هذا التبغ مع غليون VAUEN 1515 لقد شعرت بقمة الاسترخاءوالنكةة لم تتغير من بداية التدخين حتى نهايته كان الدخان بارد وغني بالنكة
Keeps me coming back for more.
February 15, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
Strong and full flavoured, but the proportion of DFK and perique knocks your socks off with a wonderful chocolate taste and aroma I wasn’t expecting (like M&M’s). I thought the red VA would give me a problem, but not at all. So good and makes for a n... Read More
Gateway to The Ancestors
January 31, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
Moist earth, mushrooms, spicy herbs, fermented vegetables, smokey mountain mornings, all of these aromas you will encounter in this plug. A vigorous insufflation of this wizard's incense into your nasal cavity will transport you back to the tent of t... Read More
Jackknife with Perique
December 08, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
That’s it. I do like it better with Perique. A good satisfying nicotine blend. Buying more
BBQ Aroma
January 23, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
Presentation: The twin brother of JKP, this brownie looks almost identical. In my review of Jack Knife Plug, the plugs are not uniform in size dimensions. This plug is somewhat different in terms of appearance tobacco wise. The layers upon which Jack... Read More
January 09, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 8oz
I like the way the perique tastes with the virginias,the strength is up there for what I like . This is a good plug that anyone can enjoy and relax with at the end of the day with some kick.
Home Run!
January 19, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
This was the second Pease plug I tried, the first being Jack knife. I have to say this one is much brighter and lighter on the palate while still packing a nice nic hit. I enjoyed it with a good Kentucky bourbon, neat, and after a bloody rare steak.
December 17, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
More like home run. Jackknife turned up a notch or two. Earthy and vegetal, sweet and creamy, dark and spicy. Liable to be a real powerhouse with some age. I like my steak medium thanks.
May 28, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Triple Play 2oz
I love plugs. Not this one. Preparation is a bit more difficult, as the plug is more loose than im used to. It kinda falls apart as you cut it (yes my knife is sharp). I found the flavour to be bland and boring, fitting for the sport its title implie... Read More
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