John Cotton's: Double Pressed Virginia 1.75oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-735-0008

John Cotton's was a distinctive brand of pipe tobacco celebrated by enthusiasts the world over until production stopped sometime in the 1980s. Happily, Russ Ouellette and the folks at Standard Tobacco of Pennsylvania revived the brand, which now offers several blends.

Double Pressed Virginia starts as a lively, flavorful mixture of several grades of sweet Virginias pressed and cut into flakes. After the initial pressing, the flakes are tumbled into a ribbon, then pressed again into a crumble cake to further mature the flavors. The final result is a rich, sweet blend which is sure to please lovers of Virginia tobaccos.

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4.10 out of 5 stars
Delicious but Incredibly expensive
October 17, 2019
Product: John Cotton's Double Pressed Virginia 1.75oz
Double Pressed Virginia was fantastic right out of the tin. Crumble it up and savor the delicious taste of sweet Virginia tobaccos. I would easily make this my everyday smoke except for the fact that it works out to about $144.00 per pound!
The winner of the 2019 Chicago Bowl.
August 03, 2019
Product: John Cotton's Double Pressed Virginia 1.75oz
This is a light-smelling tobacco that is suitable for some pipe users who are new to Virginia tobacco.
I found one minus
May 24, 2021
Product: John Cotton's Double Pressed Virginia 1.75oz
Upon opening the tin, the rich smell of rye bread (salivating even before smoking). Slicing the cake does not complicate the filling of the pipe, it crumbles very easily and with the opening of the tin the humidity for smoking (neither wet nor dry). ... Read More
My Favorite Virginia Out of the Tin
April 30, 2020
Product: John Cotton's Double Pressed Virginia 1.75oz
I’ll start out by saying that this stuff is rather on the pricy side, especially for a Sutliff product, however I haven’t found a better tasting Virginia right out of the tin. This tobacco is rich and sweet, like a snickers bar. It’s not as bright a... Read More
Pretty good
July 16, 2019
Product: John Cotton's Double Pressed Virginia 1.75oz
I love Virginia tobacco. This is not the best in my opinion. It is good though. It comes in a cake that breaks apart , and crumbles easily. I found the tins moisture to be a little wet , but good to go straight from the tin . It has no bite. ... Read More