John Cotton's: Numbers 1 & 2 1.75oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-735-0002

John Cotton's Numbers 1 & 2 is a smooth English blend that strikes a complex balance between the Virginia, Oriental, and Latakia varietals used by Russ Ouellette to create it.

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  • Components: Virginia, Latakia, Orientals
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Ribbon
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3.88 out of 5 stars
Let's keep the decorum, shall we?
January 17, 2019
Product: John Cotton's Numbers 1 & 2 1.75oz
I know that Russ Ouellette worked hard to bring the John Cotton line back into production and from what I can tell he seems to have done a good job matching the originals (this isn't his first time). John Cotton's Number 1 & 2 was originally two diff... Read More
Label mislead me to bathroom talk.
May 31, 2018
Product: John Cotton's Numbers 1 & 2 1.75oz
This blend was a light, light English Aromatic. I have a difficult time detecting the Latakia. Still, it was smooth and pleasant to smoke. Maybe, it works to introduce folks to English blends. JC No 1&2 is reminiscent of John Bull (English Aro)... Read More
Ok but not impressive
March 16, 2018
Product: John Cotton's Numbers 1 & 2 1.75oz
The blend of these three to revive John Cotton's forgotten blends is a good effort. Latakia takes over and the Virginians are way in the back. It burns slow, but to me, it is a bit dull. There are other English/Oriental blends better than this one!
Flavorful all day English
December 26, 2017
Product: John Cotton's Numbers 1 & 2 1.75oz
Despite having only smoked a couple pipes of this so far, I figured I'd comment due to the mysterious lack of comments. All I really have to say is... what a fantastically smooth and flavorful English blend here. Smoky and spicy with no bite at ... Read More