Rattray's: 40 Virginia 100g

Product Number: 003-055-0045

Rattray's 40 Virginia takes two varieties of Burley and Virginias ranging from bright and golden to nut-brown, in a mix of ribbon, broken flake, and cube-cut to produce a sweet "honey and grass" smoke sans any aromatic flavors.

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4.86 out of 5 stars
Wonderful virginia
April 05, 2018
Product: Rattray's 40 Virginia 100g
This is a very pleasing Virginia, I find myself reaching for this in the mornings as the taste is mellow and sweet. If you are a fan of Dunhill Virginia, give this. Try
Dare’s Gold in Dem Dare Cans!
April 12, 2016
Product: Rattray's 40 Virginia 100g
More Gold than the California Gold Rush, Rattray’s: 40 Virginia is a bright and sassy Virginia/Burley blend, with a mild peppery tongue bite. Starts out with hay, and about ½ way through the sugars start to caramelize, and you start picking up some ... Read More
August 14, 2015
Product: Rattray's 40 Virginia 100g
This is a really good VA blend that burns all the way down and doesn't provide any bite. The subtle sweetness of the VA is great. this is easily an all day smoke for me. pick up a couple tins because this is going to age amazingly well!
August 12, 2015
Product: Rattray's 40 Virginia 100g
Exactly as described. This is an excellent blend! It has become my daily smoke. Everyone should try this,even if you're not a huge fan of most Virginias.
Editory note
July 31, 2015
Product: Rattray's 40 Virginia 100g
In my earlier review I misspoke. This is a loose cut tobacco - not ribbon cut. Rough / loose cut alongside rubbed out flakes. Makes for a wonderful burn. Easy light, stay's lit without over-heating. After finishing my first 100g my opinion on thi... Read More
July 25, 2015
Product: Rattray's 40 Virginia 100g
A very nice mellow, mild to medium VA. Beautiful ribbon cut, very uniform. Takes a lite very well, only one re-light required to finish the bowl. Smokes dry and cool. Cooler than many other ribbon cut VA's. Smokes to a fine silvery ash. Tin note i... Read More
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