Samuel Gawith: Black XX 50g

Product Number: 003-059-0012

Black XX Rope from Samuel Gawith has the same twisted shapes but MUCH Darker tobaccos than the Brown No.4. Stoving actually makes a richer and slightly milder smoke by heating the sugars and increasing the natural oils.
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3.80 out of 5 stars
Steak in a bowl
March 01, 2017
By: Jon O.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
My first time smoking Black XX, and a rope tobacco. I was a little afraid of this due to its reviews, but I have to say I love this tobacco. The tin note was like a medium cigar and I thought, I may as well smoke a good cigar. Boy am I glad I fol... Read More
August 28, 2016
By: Jay B.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
Don't pay attention to any negative review about this amazing tobacco. This is exactly what the gods intended tobacco to taste like. If you have any complaints after smoking Black XX then I suggest you trade in your Grabow for a Vape box and join the... Read More
Prepare for a coma
September 03, 2015
By: Stephen s.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
Was given some of this to try by a friend. Very strong over powering taste when being smoked. What you smell from the tin is what you can expect to taste. Managed to get through a full bowl and WOW. Very strong and I just wanted to nap after it. Wo... Read More
Holy Smoke Batman
August 23, 2015
By: Daniel M.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
This a very intense tobacco. Not for the faint of heart! Beware, it leaves a lingering flavour in the pipe (not always unpleasant).
...the bad, and the ugly
August 01, 2015
By: Greg P.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
I bought a pound of this, blind, back in 2008. Why, you ask? Because I require horrific mistakes against which to view my more modest successes. Fresh, it was like smoking a high tech factory fire, with hints of rubber, toxic resins, and a linge... Read More
Does Not Appeal
July 05, 2015
By: Patrick S.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
I was intrigued with the presentation and had to get some of this rope. While it looks impressive, the smell of it was not pleasant. "Not a problem" I thought, as it's important to give all of the tobacco chance. After packing and lighting, I was not... Read More
tastes great
April 02, 2015
By: James t.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
very good smoke when you can get it lit , when letting it dry out it does so very fast be careful
February 18, 2015
By: Abraham C.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
This is a stellar smoke. Perfectly balanced - strong, yet mild after a while. Tremendous flavor with great class. This is the Havana's "Davidoff Dom Perignon" of the Virginia world.
I love it!!!!
December 14, 2014
By: Alexander A.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
This rope is not for the timid or wanna be cowboys, or girls for that matter!!! I opened the tin and thought a dog pooped in it. The aroma is strong, the taste is strong, its just plain strong but very good. Absolutely great if you ask me!
I'm in shock
November 22, 2012
By: Alexander A.
Product: Samuel Gawith Black XX 50g
This is a very tough tobacco, and very different from anything I had smoked before. Tastes like rubber, burnt steak and so on, and it leaves your pipe temporarily smelling like it suffered a short circuit. I think it is very strange to most of us bec... Read More
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