Samuel Gawith: Balkan Plug 8oz Pipe Tobacco

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Samuel Gawith was the son-in-law of Thomas Harrison, a snuff manufacturer who moved his trade and equipment to Kendal, Cumbria, England from Scotland in 1792. Gawith inherited this equipment from Harrison, and the company has been crafting premium tobacco since, with one of Samuel's two sons continuing the brand while the other joined with Henry Hoggarth to establish Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Though offering separate blends, both brands remain forever linked and still share the same manufacturing facility in England's Lake District, utilizing processes and techniques that date to the brands' 1792 roots. In many of their mixtures, Samuel Gawith maintains the standards enforced by the United Kingdom's strict purity laws of the 19th and 20th centuries — such laws dictating how much and what type of flavorings could be added to pipe tobacco and ensuring that sub-quality leaf wasn't hidden under the veil of exorbitant toppings.

Marked by a distinctly smoky flavor profile, Samuel Gawith's Balkan Plug pipe tobacco combines Virginias and Latakia for a English mixture that forgoes Orientals to highlight the natural sweetness of Virginias and the campfire essence of Latakia.

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  • Components: Virginia, Latakia
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Plug
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January 27, 2024
Product: Samuel Gawith Balkan Plug 8oz
SG 巴尔干砖 生草:明显的烟熏与果味。 浓郁的烟熏 坚果 泥土、花香、木香、烧秸秆、青草气,果味是类似苹果。也有青草。整体香气不稳定,会比较淡。 果甜明显。直接。后续开始出现果酸,也有少许回甘。甜味类似糖浆是主线。 过鼻刺激,烟熏感明显。香气不够稳定,不够清晰。会有杂味儿,不够干净。尾段浓郁 ,会有类似糖浆的香气。新草感觉会有些水水的,香气不稳,口感也是如此。并没有太浓郁的果香。会有些薄弱。是需要一定时间来使得这款草变得更好