Samuel Gawith: Bracken Flake 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-059-0013

A careful blend of air-cured Kentucky & fire-cured Virginias make for a medium to strong flake, of a lesser density than 1792. Bracken Flake boasts a unique and intimidating aroma, brought about by the application of a long-used essence.

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Get Crackin' for Bracken!
October 16, 2013
Product: Samuel Gawith Bracken Flake 50g
If you enjoy running with the bulls… sailing straight out to sea when everyone else believes the world is flat… single-handedly defeating an advancing horde of marauding Huns, dying with your mighty sword in hand and being transported to Valhalla by ... Read More
Burning out house.
July 08, 2013
Product: Samuel Gawith Bracken Flake 50g
Lord have mercy, just what is the esence they are using on this tobacco? I swear it smells like the time my uncle got drunk and burned the outhouse down. If you like we say in the south "bless your heart".