War Horse: Bar 1.75oz

Product Number: 003-739-0002

Made from mixture of Burley, dark-fired Kentucky, and Virginia leaf, War Horse Bar is a plug that presents a phenomenally stout blend for the experienced pipe smoker.

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  • Components: Burley, Dark Fired Kentucky, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Plug
Customer Reviews (15 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.30 out of 5 stars
July 09, 2019
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
This is like nothing else on earth! I don’t care for aromatics and usually smoke VaPer’s but, damn is this good! Flavor is a vanilla, almond, cherry with some cocoa going on. It’s a total assault on your taste buds! Have gone through around 8 tins so... Read More
Better than a plug
February 25, 2018
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
This is one heck of a tobacco! A powerhouse on the flavor and aroma side of things, but I don't find it to be as nicotine heavy as others have. A european style aromatic with notes of tonquin, valerian root, and what I think is bergamot. Unique to be... Read More
Plug Shape, Crumble Cake Prep
September 25, 2017
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
Upon opening the tin, you will first note that it looks like a plug but unlike most plugs, the prep for smoking is much, much easier as this 'plug' crumbles very easily. In fact, it is very easy to just pinch off a chunk and with very minimal rubbing... Read More
It was ok
July 26, 2018
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
Not nearly as strong as advertised. I was let down as I was expecting a nice nic hit and a punch of full flavor. The tin note is of Cherry and Anise, actually kind of pleasant smelling. Nothing really stands out in the smoking and I lost interest qui... Read More
Totally Surprising
February 23, 2020
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
With a name like War Horse I was expecting something bitter, leathery and strong enough to knock you out of the saddle. That's the complete opposite of what you get here. Tin note is strongly floral and sweet. The plug resembles a firm crumble kake, ... Read More
War horse bar
January 14, 2020
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
Normally I don't smoke aromatics but I wanted to try it. I did read some reviews on it a while back and many were positive . Russ Ouellette did a great job with this tobacco and I had no doubt about it being good. I love that its in plug form and I c... Read More
Good and strong
August 01, 2018
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
Great no nonsense tobacco! Just like the name, only add workhorse. Smokingpipes You guys are the best! Great pipe selection, great tobacco selection, wonderful people!What more could could one ask for! Thanks Much! Jerry C.
December 17, 2017
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
It may wish it were a plug, but this is crumble cake country. A myriad of flavors your tastebuds will go mad trying to decipher laid over top of warm nutty burley and smoky kentucky, with a notable nic hit that shows up about the time the party's ha... Read More
Like a War Horse
February 21, 2017
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
This was surprisingly sweet and strong, a decent nic hit! I'm sure there's a casing on it that adds to the sweetness but whatever it is, it works. The moisture from the tin was pretty much perfect and it light and burn very well. The only issue I had... Read More
Cigar smoker approved
October 22, 2020
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
I have now moved from cigars (mostly) to pipes. orders several brands that were rated 4-5 stars for taste and strength. Coming from Padron cigars I enjoy a strong flavor and nic kick. This tobacco does it for me. It IS milder than my usual cigars, b... Read More
Not that amazing
August 01, 2020
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
After reading the great reviews I guess my expectations were too high for this one. It's definitely unique, but I found my first bowl to be very lackluster. The tin note is very strong fruity, spicy, Amaretto and room note is nice as well. The tobacc... Read More
Tasty Cake
December 23, 2019
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
Strong and oh so tasty.
July 21, 2019
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
This is a great smoke.
Potpourri Galore
January 25, 2019
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
Smells and tastes like something you’d freshen your house with around Christmas time. Definitely not recommended to new pipe smokers as the flavor is quite complex compared to your average OTC blend. Sometimes I’m not sure whether to love or hate it ... Read More
Not A Plug
June 14, 2017
Product: War Horse Bar 1.75oz
I picked up a tin of this hoping for a decent plug. While it is a fairly enjoyable smoke - **it isnt actually a plug**, but a tighly pressed krumble kake. You cannot slice off thin flakes, they just fall apart and turn to dust. Overall not a bad tob... Read More
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