War Horse: Green 1.75oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-739-0003

War Horse was a popular brand of pipe tobacco in Ireland and soon gained a following in the United Kingdom and the United States before falling out of production. Thanks to the blending prowess of Russ Ouellette, though, War Horse pipe tobacco returns, now manufactured by Sutliff. A mixture of Burley, Dark-Fired Kentucky, and Virginia leaf, War Horse Green features the same components and cut as War Horse Bar but with a stronger aromatic top note.

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  • Components: Virginia, Dark Fired Kentucky, Burley
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Plug
Customer Reviews (27 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.31 out of 5 stars
November 30, 2018
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
My Dad passed recently and I was going through his pipes and blends and found this tobacco. Pressed into a nice firm block plug, this blend smells of almond extract. The room note and flavor is beautiful. Delicious from start to finish.
Great Experience!
May 26, 2018
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I am very new to smoking a pipe and smoking in general this being said War Horse Green is easily my favorite out of the 3 tins I have tried so far. It is very strong and has a nice thick smoke. It tastes like licorice and a very mild sweet flavor. My... Read More
What a great find!
December 16, 2016
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I don't normally smoke aromatics, and I wouldn't have bought this had I known (Or paid closer attention to the description) it wasn't an English blend. Anyway, what a pleasant surprise! I got it in and decided to give it a try... what a great tobacco... Read More
STRONG Nicotine... Like St Bruno in Plug Form
October 29, 2021
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I want to preface this by stating that the 2.5 rating doesn't mean that it's an average tobacco among other blends and mixtures. This rating indicates an average rating for MY TASTES. If I absolutely loved and preferred the flavor of St Bruno for ins... Read More
pleasure with a punch
October 06, 2019
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
this blend is nice, easy to smoke and can sneak up on you if not use to strong tobaccos. I love the faint licorice and a very mild sweet flavor.
good to go.
June 01, 2023
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Tin note of anise/licorice, dark fruit and peaty vegetation. Tobacco is a Krumble Kake of brown with dark brown and tan specks. Moisture content is ok. some pipe smokers will want to hydrate it a bit. Burns slow with few relights. The strength is med... Read More
like peppermint tea
May 06, 2023
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
what a great blend it is!
My number 1
February 08, 2023
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Hands down my favorite tobacco I've ever tried. If you hate licorice you will probably hate this one, but for me there couldn't be a better taste. I couldn't help but practically puff this like a locomotive, no tongue bite at all, opened my nasal pas... Read More
not bad
October 09, 2022
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Its got a good hit. Need to dry a big as it comes wet. The smell is good when smoked, However , when you smell out of the tin smells like my grnadmas first aid/drug cabinet... you know the green valeriyanka you put on wounds . Very distinct smell . o... Read More
A traditional aromatic
July 26, 2022
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I find both this and regular to be quite satisfactory. To me the flavor goes anise, dark fired, tonquin. I prefer the red a bit more it has a heavier tonquin flavor and the component tobacco shines through more in the red. 1792 flake is my all time f... Read More
Red and Green
June 08, 2022
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I bought this because the description says the green tin has a stronger top note. I've smelled the tins and smoked the two side by side, but find the strength of each to be about the same. Red has more tonquin, that is definite. Maybe green has more... Read More
Missing link of between aromatic and full strength and flavor
May 28, 2022
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
With a solid full blend like War Horse, i didn't know what to expect with it claiming to be an aromatic, as the regular blend has a front and center place in a jar in my cellar. The tin note smelled of spiced anise, which was surprising. Lighting ... Read More
This Is The Real Thing
March 20, 2022
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I've only been pipe smoking for about 3 months and have thoroughly enjoyed all the aromatics I've sampled, but was looking for something with real nicotine kick. Ordered a can of this stuff on the personal recommendation of Sam Bowden here... We... Read More
A close second
March 17, 2022
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Very close to Bar in everything. I have trouble choosing between the 2 but I'd give Bar the slightest edge. Superb tobacco!
Love & Hate
January 17, 2022
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
After many years I recently returned to pipe smoking. My usual blends are black cavendish and vanilla. But having stepped out of my comfort zone, I tried Bengal Slices and loved it. So, I tried this one and loved the taste but hated the huge nicotine... Read More
Tasty and Strong
October 01, 2021
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
A great aromatic with a kick. Tastes of coconut and licorice mixed with floral notes. A repeat buy for me.
Worth the wait
July 05, 2021
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I held off on smoking this one a bit, sorta saving the best for last. Glad I did. The smell is sublime and the taste even more so. It reminds me of a good absinthe and was truly a treat to smoke on these hot sunny afternoons we've been having.
Intense yet wonderful
May 29, 2021
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Been considering this one since my first order but was on the fence knowing that the licorice flavor would be ether the perfect combo for tobacco or straight awful. I can happily say at this point the two are perfect together. This one grabs you by ... Read More
Giddy-up! This horse trolloped right through flavor town!
May 02, 2021
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
This is a very well done casing/flavoring. Whatever the process is they nailed it. The plug is perfect. Not rock solid, but firm enough. It breaks apart with ease, and is not sticky, or wet. It is like the perfect moisture. It burned GREAT. Smooth,... Read More
Good Stuff!
December 21, 2020
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Mixture 79, but more Anisette and Amaretto with DFK. I have had it in Briar, Meerschaum, Cob and Brylon. Burns cool in all of them.(yes, even the brylon) In fact, it tastes amazing in Brylon. Though, it tastes amazing period.
Tastes even better after a year
December 03, 2018
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
This has a strong topping note of licorice/anise to me. It melds well into the natural flavors of the VaBurKFC blend. Delicious.
What is that smell?!
March 19, 2018
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
I bought this tin on spec just to give it a try. On opening, the tin note hit every corner of the room. Its smell is stronger than any G&H tobac in my stash thats for sure. I cant place the aroma. Its like licorice combined with ultra concentrate... Read More
Great flavor
December 24, 2017
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Great flavor !! Love the licorice flavor of this tobacco
High nicotine high volume high standard
June 27, 2017
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Every smoker will surprises
Very,Very Good
May 16, 2017
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
Aside from the aesthetics which is nice. I enjoyed opening the tin to find a nicely pressed plug. I was hit with that licorice anise note which was inviting. Upon smoking found very rich tobacco taste ( which I love) and a mild perfume room note and ... Read More
Great Stuff, but why call it a plug?
November 29, 2016
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
This stuff is great, but is more of a crumble cake than a plug. My experience is that plug is made from whole leaf and not the shredded stuff in this block. Still 10/10 great smoke, an aromatic with a kick of Vitamin N
November 22, 2016
Product: War Horse Green 1.75oz
The flavoring in this seems to be a delightful combination between tonquin bean and amaretto. There is a pretty heavy hand with the flavoring but the dark fired does shine through, especially near the end of the bowl. Though this does nothing to dimi... Read More
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