At, every single briar or meerschaum pipe is photographed individually. The pipe you see, quite literally, is the pipe you get. This means that well over a thousand photographs are taken and published on the website each and every week. Many of the pipes we put on the site each week also receive 'white-glove' videos for an even more detailed look at the pipe. Why all the effort? Because pipes are unique and deserve to be presented that way. Buying a pipe is an intensely personal experience. You should be able to make the best informed decision possible about your new pipe! Below is a video of the process.

For best results when viewing photographs on our website, please adjust your monitor so that you are able to distinguish as many of the 26 gray-level steps below as is possible. Particularly, pay close attention to steps A,B,C, and 1,2,3. Tip: If steps A through C and 1 through 3 show no separation, lower your monitor's contrast, and if A through C or 1 through 3 are not defined, raise or lower your monitor's brightness.

Note: Not all monitors are created equal, and it may not be possible to adjust so that each step is distinguishable.