AKB Meerschaum Adnan Pipes

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Cherished for their heat resistance and flavor-neutral smoking properties, meerschaum pipes provide a fresh, unique way to experience favored blends while also building character over time as the meerschaum patinates into hues of brown, tan, and even pink. AKB Meerschaum specially commissions handmade pipes from some of Turkey's most experienced carvers, such as Tekin, Muhsin, Ali, and others, each piece maintaining the original maker's stamp but united under the AKB name. Furthermore, all AKB pipes are handmade from solid-block meerschaum, offering superior durability and patination compared to composite meerschaum. From traditional pipe-chart designs to evocatively detailed Freehands and figural forms, AKB's curated portfolio represents Turkey's storied meerschaum tradition, and all at an exceptional value.