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Grant Batson was born in 1975 in Texas and moved to Nashville in 1993. Working with his hands is in his nature, you could say. At the age of fifteen he and his father built his first guitar, sparking an interest which eventually led to the founding of the Batson Guitar Company along with his brother. A pipe smoker since he was nineteen, the desire to begin crafting briar saw Grant turning over the guitar company to his brother in 2011, after which he studied under Todd Johnson and Teddy Knudsen, and is now an established part of the Nashville pipemaking scene.

As one would expect, his work speaks for itself. Never being able to settle for a substandard product coming from his workshop (indeed, guitars demand perfection), some of those skills, along with the ones learned within a workshop, made their way into the hand-held sculptures from briar and other materials. His pipes are beautifully designed and constructed from briar, bamboo, and stem materials of vulcanite rods or colorful materials (Bakelite or celluloid), with Delrin tenons.