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Don Carlos pipes was founded in 1990 by Bruto and Rosaria Sordini, the former boasting a formidable presence in the Italian pipe making scene since 1974, when he became the first carver hired by Giancarlo Guidi for Mastro de Paja: the house which founded the incalculably influential Pesaro school of pipe shaping. When Giancarlo left MDP to form Ser Jacopo, Sordini stood at his side as co-founder and the two elevated the (now famous) Pesaro aesthetic to its present lofty position.

Bruto Sordini's art can be both effusive and pointedly eccentric, or conservative and traditional, and his acumen excels at either point of the aesthetic spectrum. The Sordini's are also noted for thoughtfully conceived and beautifully rendered series; lines such as the Kronos and Melos, both named in honor of famous string quartets, as well as shapes based upon Bruto's deep meditations surrounding the art of avant-garde painters. The product of love and meticulous attention to detail, to own a Don Carlos briar is to possess a true treasure of the pipe world.