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Jared Coles has been around pipes almost his whole life, but his passion for making them didn't really surface until his junior year at the University of California Irvine — when he discovered the existence of artisanal pipes through an online retailer. He hasn't been able to stop making pipes ever since.

He's spent the past 8 years pursuing one goal: to become the best pipe-maker he could be. With this in mind, he formed J&J Pipes together with his good friend and talented pipe maker, John Klose. Together, they learned to source the highest quality materials, create proper pipe making tools, craft functional pipes that will stand the test of time, and do it all beautifully.

Under the J&J brand, Jared and John made pipes together, in the same shop, all under the same name. As such, consistency and growth were the main goals each wished to achieve. Suffice to say, they accomplished both in spades and decided it was time for them to explore their own artistic directions through their own individual brands.

Now working as an independent artisan, Jared hopes to continue his pipe making journey — developing his own aesthetic and imbuing a sense of life into each and every one of his pipes. All Jared Coles pipes are crafted from well-cured, vetted, and sourced Mediterranean briar. All stems are made using ebonite from trusted sources — with occasional alternative mediums should the situation call for it. Jared's accent materials vary from piece to piece as well and are chosen to lend each piece the most unified and complete aesthetic possible. All Jared Coles pipes are stamped with Jared's logo, initials, and the year of production — along with the corresponding production number for that pipe.