Ken Dederichs Pipes

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新到/在售烟斗 +
  • 新到的烟斗
  • 在售烟斗
Price +
  • $400 - $500
Shape +
  • Acorn/Pear
  • Bent Dublin
  • Dublin
  • Freehand
Finish +
  • Smooth
Material +
  • Briar
Stem Material +
  • Vulcanite
Filter +
  • None
Weight +
  • 1.5oz-2oz
Length +
  • 5"-5.5"
Chamber Diameter +
  • .75"-.80"
Chamber Depth +
  • 1.3"-1.5"
Ken'ichiro Dederichs-Uchida, or Ken Dederichs for short, is a German-based Japanese artisan who prefers to keep things low key. He keeps his production low, focusing on quality over quantity, and doesn't seek a lot of press. That might go to explain why you really don't see much of Ken's work on the U.S. market, even as estates — and, moreover, it might explain why Ken's pipes are prized by collectors. Of course, that latter aspect might have more to do with the quality of his work itself. Ken's pipes are some of the most detail driven pieces around, and Dederichs goes to great lengths to ensure every aspect of his finished product is perfect — from the drilling and shaping, down to the stemwork and finish. Stylistically, Ken approaches pipe making through a German/Austrian lens, with strong Danish roots and subtle hints of organic asymmetry a la Tokutomi. Though informed by the classics, Dederich's artistic flair and unique vision yield an aesthetic all his own.

Ken Dederichs
Smooth Acorn with Boxwood