Gregor Lobnik Pipes

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  • $500 - $750
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  • Acorn/Pear
  • Apple
  • Bent Apple
  • Freehand
  • Tomato
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  • Partial Sandblast
  • Smooth
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  • Briar
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  • Vulcanite
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  • None
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  • 1oz-1.5oz
  • 1.5oz-2oz
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  • Less than 4.5"
  • 5.5"-6"
  • 6"-7"
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  • .65"-.75"
  • .75"-.80"
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  • Less than 1.3"

Gregor Lobnik lives in Slovenia, near the border with Austria. He learned to make pipes from, and is good friends with, Austrian master Peter Matzhold. Matzhold's influence is evident both in the mechanics and the aesthetics of Lobnik's compositions, where the focus is on conservative, structured shapes and excellent grain. He started making pipes in 2003 and has really grown as a maker and artist in the last few years. Gregor's pipes are usually medium in size, with a peppering of relatively small pieces on occasion. His pieces are either smooth or sandblasted, and his stems are all hand-cut from solid ebonite rods, with his tenons being turned from the same single piece. Working to achieve excellent color and finishes, he softly accents some pipes with boxwood or horn, and refrains from distracting accents and clashing colors.