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Maigurs Knets is a pipe maker that was born in Latvia in 1962, where he pursued childhood past times of drawing and sculpting before receiving a degree from the art College of Applied Decorative Arts in 1989. In 1990 he moved to the Chicago area to work and apply his skills of design and model making for Industrial Design and hobby industries. This career spanned for twenty years. Maigurs not only adapted very well to new environments, but applied his background in design to a very high level. He became a full-time pipe maker in 2010, and continues to create pieces in briar and other woods for pipes and sculptures. Fully appreciating natural forms and applied designs in Art Nouveau, his pieces are as well made as they are beautiful. A considerable amount of his briar pieces are sculpted with extremely sharp carbide burrs, which is what allows him to create such details that cannot be achieved with sanding disks and lathes.

Maigurs creates extraordinary pipes that range from interpreted classics to very ornate Art Nouveau sculptures. His pipes can be smooth, rusticated, sandblasted, or a combination of these textures. The stems and bits are fantastic in their construction, and you will notice his hand-turned, polished tenons from solid ebonite, which is a sign of detailed craftsmanship.