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Daughter of legendary pipe maker Jorn Micke, Marlene Micke continues the family tradition from her workshop and childhood home in Bornholm, Denmark. Marlene began her pipe making journey in Japan, where she worked with Tsuge Ikebana's master carvers in a two-year-long apprenticeship. After performing a series of tedious tasks to familiarize herself with the machinery and tooling, Marlene studied with artisans like Fukuda-san and Kikuchi on shaping and the freehand pipe making process. Later she began to re-create her father's shapes, repeating them over and over until every detail was just right. Today Marlene draws influences from both her father's own designs and signature style, as well as her time with Tsuge. From playing with subtle organic asymmetry to maintaining perfect rhythm in her bamboo-shanked peices, her work is true to the Micke Make brand, and simply stunning.